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Birin Promonotories

Wild and Foggy

The Birin Promontories is a region famed for its foggy massifs and vast bocages. The coast is very indented, with many rias, cliffs, and capes. It is a long-inhabited territory and was once split between many feuding Kelpie tribes. The people here have a distinct culture from that of the Aleriez people, and much conflict comes between the Birin and their overlords.

This land is a wild and foggy one. Not only are its coves popular with pirates, but its populace are generally riotous and rebellious. They are also a superstitious people and often, to the Church's constant frustration, fall into nature worship. Their various gods are those of the wood and skies; and the Kelpie people hold the Elvish race in high regards — considering them mighty spirits, capricious and dangerous.

by Paul Gauguin
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Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij


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