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Tol Amor

A Strange Stone

In the middle of the River Pentos, standing amidst its rushing waters in the Vale of the Sein, is Tol Amor. Tol Amor is a tall monolith of stone and is colored a brilliant red. At dusk or dawn this color is even more accentuated; its beauty is said to make the heart curl and shrink before such a solid and magnificent sight.   Some conspirators think that the stone hides treasure within, and if one only has the right password or tribute, one may enter and find wealth unimaginable. Regardless of this being fact or not, Tol Amor has inspired much thought and poetry. It is the Guard of the Sein, it is the Stone that Touches Dawn, it is the Hot Stone amidst the chill currents of Pentos.
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Cover image: by Jelke Ludolphij


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