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Viel-Castel of Michelet

A Pleasant Place

The Viel-Castel of Michelet is built in the southern reaches of the Small Dwarf Hills. It is built on a hill and the Castel itself is filled with the sweet-smelling oaks of that region. Surrounding it are the rich vineyards of Bogarden - the grapes produce an exquisitely full-bodied wine. The people here live well, and the weather is stable and cool. It is a pleasant place for a noble's retreat, which many nobleman in fact do.

The Castel itself is highly defensible, being on a hilltop. At the center is the grand cathedral of Aix and the Castel owner's palace. It is a beautifully crafted palace. The floors are lined with red rugs, and the walls are filled with tapestries telling of hunts, wars, and charitable enterprises. In front of the Castel is the little and meandering river Doint. It is a cold river that runs slowly. You can catch much trout here if you know what you're doing.

All in all a pleasurable place to be. The Castel doesn't guard much. It was built to be a summer get-a-way first, defensive castle second. If an adventurer would retire here, they would find a good life to be had, here.

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