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The City of Lille

A Beautiful and Large City

The great city of Lille, capital of the Kingdom of Seinis, lies between the third and fourth tributary of the River Pentos. It lies between flat, fertile grounds, and is home to the greatest knightly orders of the realm - besides that of the Knights of Many Colors. Many hopeful squires want to become one of these knights, but few make the cut. The definition of knight and chivalry is quite broad, in Seinis. Knights in Seinis are not only romantic heroes, but are also police, soldier, and guard.

This city is only second in size to the capital of the Empire, Juraedon, and its vast green fields would make any heart inclined to the furrow ache.

In the city itself lies the King of Seinis and his court of Great and Minor houses. Seinis is currently trying to centralize its court, but the house of Cour da Lione - the house of the Empress and the most powerful family in the kingdom - is doing its best to break the hold of the king and keep the lands decentralized.

Occasionally adventuring heroes come to Lille and try to take their own place as nobilitiy. Depending on fame or power, the king may be forced to grant titles and land to these heroes. Then, those heroes get to go on political rather than violent adventures.

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