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The Winter Salmon's Summer Camp, 2023

A long time ago I created my WorldAnvil account. A long time ago, I created the world of Valryia. I started off strong, or so I told myself, however I soon found myself with too little time due to work obligations to continue world building. When I was finally able to enjoy my hobbies again, I felt like it was wrong to just simply resume what I had started for this world. Mentally blocked from resuming where I let go from, I made several false starts at creating other worlds, and with each false start it became far more difficult to think of ideas. So I would leave WorldAnvil, only to come back with the idea to make a private world, only to leave again within a few hours or weeks. That said, I was recently encouraged by a couple family members to try my hand at writing, so naturally I came crawling back here.   And boy, what a time to come back! I started the Summer Camp far later than I would have liked, but I threw myself at the challenge nonetheless, as best I could. Originally my goal was the gold, but I soon began to realize how rusty I had gotten. The enjoyment that I got from this was its own reward I think. With each article I wrote, though not great, I became more comfortable in my abilities, and tried to challenge myself to do the best I could. My breaks at work became dedicated times for writing anything that came to mind, and late nights for editing. The prompts, and amazing articles from the community helped a lot, and I am grateful to my brother who encouraged me every step of this journey. Overall this experience was a lot of fun, and I look forward to the challenge next year!  


The Black Lotus by MasterofLegends03
Admittedly, this is an article written by someone I have been friends with for years. Admittedly again, this is not my favorite works by him. This was the first article that I read, and one of the things that helped inspire me to take up the challenge. I think that the organization has the potential to be adapted well into different locations within the world, and be shown through many points of view.
  I found this article to be a very easy, though equally enjoyable read. I was instantly drawn in by the calming background art, and the font really helped to set the mood. The lighthearted tone in which the article was presented was to the point, yet gave very comfy vibes (especially for a military order). It is also a WIP so I am genuinely excited to see what more the author has in store.    
I really didn't know what to expect when I first clicked on the article, but I was very impressed! I really liked the idea that each individual store is large enough for it to be relatively unique, but still offering familiar wares. The idea of a family running it is quite wholesome. I like that they cater to more than a few questionable customers. It would be interesting to hear about strange run ins, in the stores.


Wave Walking by It's Moro!
An article that really spoke to me. Personally, I enjoy spending as much time as possible near the water, so a summer tradition set here drew me in. Colors, I imagine similar to sea-glass, in the ocean, amazing seafood, fires along the shoreline, and the beauty of the sunset across the horizon just sounds amazing. I also like how it emphasizes individual skill and creativity, as well as a communal respect towards nature. Amazing stuff.

Weaving Preparations by HarborWizard763
Those that know me, know that I am interested in articles involving theology or the occult. This article is excellent for it. I was invested from start to finish, and the concept was both unique and chilling. Solsinabh making her dark appearance in the temples, and performing in the sacrifices. Makes me shiver. Its almost frightening to read the horrors that take place, and that there are harmless activities performed at the same time. Also really dig the calendar.

This gives me Arthurian vibes for some reason. I really like how its something that came naturally to the denizens and ties in well with their history. I like how the Nymphs, use their own spirit bodies as the colors, and how they work together to weave their tapestries and stories. The thought of an entire forest worth of stories to be told, and the madness of colors swirling together in order to create a beautiful pattern in their dance sounds really fun to watch.


Galavan Rose by AmazingChi
A real wheel and deal type of character. I like how he's done a great amount of good for the community despite his greed and ambition. Undoubtedly a villain, his methods are intriguing, and I couldn't help but feel sympathy for him, especially during his youth. The author did a great job on not only this character, but his daughter as well!
Despite being an outlaw, he felt like a pretty decent guy. I liked the realistic nature of the character while reading it, while also feeling like I'm reading the hero of a Marty Robbins ballad. I really like the relationship between the outlaw and the lawman. I really like how there is a good connection between their psyches, and backstories. Had a great time reading this!
One of my favorite archetypes is the person who appears harmless, though is a snake on the inside. I like the naming, how short and sweet the article was, the background and imagery was nice too. The personality section is what really caught my attention. The part that says that he takes revenge on any who attempt to cross him, and the emphasis on him how good he is at false appearances is awesome.

Truthfully, I don't have a strong list of world building goals, or set times where I will try to finish my articles just yet. Now that the challenge is over, I plan to take a week or two off from any serious world buildings. During this time I plan on reworking my profile and drawing up a world map. Once I feel rested, my goal is to create a balanced and interesting astrology system, with enough in world detail to create a birth chart for characters, and have it affect them. Apart from that, I plan to go back over a few articles that I wrote for the challenge, and slowly build the world around them, detailing them further and adding a list of notable background characters.
There were way too many amazing articles from too many amazing prompts. Here's a list of some other works that I thought were great!


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