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Galavan Rose


Galavan Rose is the head of the Rose family, and the business organisation The Rose Trust, which primarily functions in the banking sector. He is also, however, the leader of a crime syndicate, and is imprisoned in The Midnight Stockade after being exposed as an extortionist and blackmailer, as well as being responsible for the apparent deaths of the entire Blackthorn family (two confirmed).  


He is a portly man now into his middle years. His formerly dark hair is greying. He maintains a short beard at all times and his hair is usually slicked back. He dresses well, though,usually in a waistcoat and shirt.  

Early Years

Galavan was born into poverty. He showed an aptitude for numerical skills and gravitated towards the financial side of business. His upbringing and general rougher demeanour often put him at odds with the more well-spoken and reserved folk at respected institutions and organisations. This was a continual challenge that ultimately drove him to take matters into his own hands.  

The Rose Trust

As a young adult, he set up The Rose Trust, a bank 'for the people'. On the grand scheme of things, The Rose Trust was a genuinely helpful business for many. When the Blackthorn family found themselves in dire financial straits, they agreed a loan with The Rose Trust. However, that loan was their undoing. The Blackthorn family disappeared one night. He then persuaded the powers that be to elevate the Rose family into that vacant social ranking.  

A Crime Lord Exposed

Recently, however, his true nature was exposed. Galavan Rose's own daughter came forward with evidence that The Rose Trust was a front for far shadier dealings. There were agreements for many businesses to join his crime ring in exchange for protection. Worst of all though was the confirmation that Rose himself was responsible for the disappearance, and presumed death, of the Blackthorn family. Galavan was also in the middle of enacting the exact same plan against the current Lord and Lady of Whittledon, to elevate the Rose family from their current minor nobility status to a landed nobility. Still minor, but it would have been an ascension nonetheless.
Current Location
Year of Birth
535 PC 50 Years old
Sleek, greying.

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