Welcome to the Valley

Welcome to the Valley

We left our homes behind, because even if the king wins the war, the lands are ravaged. As supplies dwindle, famine isn't far behind. So these fertile yet hostile lands are where our hope lies, so that there is a future for these people. We aim to help all share their strength and knowledge.
  Over a thousand have come to the valley with limited supplies. It is only a matter of time before nobles proclaim they no longer can support us. Before that happens, we must be able to provide our own food and more. Then we must expand, so that our families can come here. Eventually, perhaps we can supply the old country with food, to aid not just ourselves but others too. But there is a lot to be done first.   Everyone in the Valley has their own strengths and weaknesses. We of the Crow's Nest connect people, and as such we now help others share their knowledge. The Ravenmight Institute does its research into the lore of old, while the Wooden Shields tell of how to handle the various creatures one might encounter. We tell of the people, so that you Scouts know who you're dealing with. And we ask you to tell us of all you encounter, so that we can document and share your information.   For now, our goals are clear. As time passes, that may change. And any information we share, may very well become outdated. Even more the reason to keep everyone informed, so that old information shan't bring harm. Let us begin with what we know.

The Valley's Fall

As one can tell from the old buildings here and there, we are not the first who lived in this valley. There were people here before us, a thriving civilization. Yet disaster struck. Stories tell of storms, draughts, floods, fires, earthquakes and other disasters that ruined the valley for its people. Many left, others stayed. Then, a rockslide cut off the entrance to the valley. Where its remaining people have disappeared to, none seem to know.
The valley now seems peaceful. As far as we can see, the rivers are flowing normally and its plantlife is restful. We have encountered predators and prey, enough to be wary but not enough to fear for our lives. But we must admit, there seems to be more to the valley than meets the eye. This means we must remain forever wary and share all we find. If any threat were to return, we want to be ready for it. So be careful and stay informed.

Important Areas

High Plains

The High Plains are our current base and a crucial point for our supplies. The Mountain Fort was surprisingly intact underneath all the superficial damage. It also held the first real threat encountered, an ogre warrior and his wolf pack. While no more ogres have been spotted, various wolfpacks and terrorbird flocks do make the High Plains a dangerous place. But we need the certainty it provides.   There is enough water supply for now, and some food can be foraged. For now, the farmers feel confident they can plant enough crops for later in the year. If the local wildlife problem can be solved more permanently, this high ground will be a good place to start our explorations from.

Central Forest

It is said that the Central Forest used to hold the capital of the valley, a city far larger than all the villages supplying it. But while eagle-eyed scouts can see the remnants of the roads and bridges leading to the forest, the capital itself escapes our sight. Though the scouts do note the treelines are suspicious. Perhaps the capital was swallowed by the forest over the years.   The royal scholars cannot wait to explore, aiming to find information on what happened to the valley's former residents. They hope within the ruins they can find evidence of what really happened all those years ago. But for now, we should make sure the road there is safe. Only with a proper supply chain can we venture forth.

Eastern Forest

The trees in the central forest were cut back for the capital, yet may have reclaimed it. In contrast, large parts of the Eastern Forest supposedly were never really under control. Only near the central forest was there civilization, as special trees were planted and carefully maintained for a proper lumber supply. We may need to gather these trees ourselves some day.   As for the deeper forest, the Ravenmight Institute is still researching it but so far it seems the locals were wary of it. They are still trying to find out more, but other places are considered more important for now. For now, we should avoid this place.

Southern Hills

Said to have provided shelter against the fires that once ravaged the valley, the Southern Hills block our sight to the lakeshore west of them. There should be a former fishing village there. Perhaps we can find something salvageable, or fish for additional food supplies.   However, we should not forget the danger of the fires. They say the fires came out of nowhere before the valley fell, supposedly burning for years before finally disappearing. Even if greatly exaggerated, being cut off by a fire might very well be a death sentence. And the hills may very well hide creatures that will not take kindly to our presence. Let us first establish a proper foothold before we travel there.

Northern Swamp

The Northern Swamp stretches a large part of the most northern area of the valley. Even outside the swamp itself, the ground was said to be wet. Yet the area was important, as it held the main mines, supplying all with the ores needed for their equipment. The mines were far from exhausted when the valley was lost, so hopefully we can gain all we need there. But we will not be able to get there for a while.

The Basin

A large lake lies at the western exit of the valley, an area nicknamed The Basin, with a fort guarding the river flowing out. The droughts and floods of the past seem to have caused massive amounts of rubble, boats and trees to form a patch of wreckage in the center of the lake. The fort still stands, but can be seen to have suffered significant damage. tell whether anything lives there.

Settling the Valley

To settle the entire valley with just a thousand folks is of course madness. Looking at the bigger picture could make one despair. Yet we must note what needs to be done over time, as well as who will play what part. All of you and us shall be needed here.   First we need food. Farmers and others need to obtain safe farmlands and other food sources, so that we can expand and bring in thousands more. For safety, the Wooden Shields do not suffice. They have already begun training the entire population, but this purely lets us defend. Scouts and knights need to venture forth and take out any threat out there, to clear the routes and lands we need.   Then comes the need for knowledge. The former capital may contain research materials that will help the scholars figure out more of what happened to the valley, and where we should venture after. This means they need escorts, as well as those willing to travel forth and bring them back information on the changes time has brought.   Lastly, we need supplies. Lumber isn't all we need, ores are what can make or break us in the future. Shipping iron tools here will be far too expensive in the future, so we must be able to make our own. And that means we must not only find the old mines, but also have scouts and knights guarantee the safety of our miners.   In short, there is a lot of work to do. So, would you like to know what jobs are available?


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