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Ravenmight Institute

A group of scholars affiliated with the Royal family, the Ravenmight Institute has long since been responsible for maintaining all old records and creating reports wherever needed. They also are trained in various surveying skills, allowing the scholars to contribute in the field.   It was the Ravenmight Institute that first realised the old reservoir could be used against the kingdom as a weapon in the war. They convinced enough parties to aid them, resulting in a snowball evacuation that saved thousands of lives. This gives them the greatest amount of goodwill of all factions in the valley, more than even the Wooden Shields. Their proclaimed political neutrality plays a role as well.   Ravenmight scholars always wear head scarves, face covering masks, as well as special glasses. They say these are to protect themselves and the scenes they investigate, though in truth it is so that their members can remain private if so desired. Their numbers include former nobles and criminals, as well as foreigners. However, special magical tattoos serve as their identification and make sure their anonimity cannot be easily abused.   The scholars have managed to bring some old documents that originate from the valley, or tell about the events of its fall from an outside perspective. They are aiding wherever they can, through geographical surveys, material and herb research, detailed investigations into the ancient runes, and many more fields. As a result they are stretched thin and frequently must ask for Scouts to escort them during investigations.


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