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Mountain Fort

When we first reached the fort, it looked decrepit. But underneath the rubble and overgrowth, there was high-quality stonework that mostly managed to resist the ravages of time. Now that repairs have begun, it will serve well as an initial base to oversee the valley.
— Sicabe of the Hollowguard

Before the valley fell, the mountain fort guarded the main entrance into the valley. Here the Protectors of the Valley prevented monsters from reaching the High Plains. It now houses about a third of the new residents, mostly craftsfolk and soldiers.
High Plains
Unknown / 4709-01-29
Relevant buildings
  • Barracks
  • Smithy
The fort is in surprisingly good shape, so enforcing it was an easy task. The old workshops are still partially intact, allowing the craftsfolk to start their work much faster than anticipated. After the fort was first cleared, no more signs of ogres or wolves have been found.


Envy of all the other craftsfolk, the smithy was still completely intact. There even still was a small collection of ore and coal present. Since a lot of larger equipment was lost during the evacation, this supply was a blessing for the farmers.
Needing only light repairs, the barracks house the soldiers and knights. While originally designed for smaller numbers than we have brought, the troops make do with the space available. The various factions each have their own area, to prevent heated arguments.

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