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High Plains

These plains are our key to the survival of our people. Located next to the mountain passage that connects us to our old home, they will serve as a safe haven as we set forth to uncover all the secrets this valley holds.   There is strength in numbers, which is what keeps us safe from the wolves and terror birds within the area. We have discovered places where the local prey hides from these predators. If we can keep the wolf packs at bay, these places will let our people take cover against terror flocks.
— Sir Robinridge of the Wooden Shields

The High Plains lie high upon the valley, allowing a great overview of the valley's terrain. A mountain pass connects it to the old country. Knights and scouts are currently helping secure the area, so that farmers can develop well-needed farms.
Southeast higher area of the valley
March 4709
Relevant areas/buildings
The High Plains appear quite peaceful, with only a few wolf packs and flocks of terror birds posing a threat. Prey animals seek safety within places of undergrowth, a strategy that can be mimicked to avoid bird strikes. Farmers are quite satisfied with these lands, confident they can construct fertile farmlands well within our time limit.


Guarding the passageway into the valley, this fort has deteriorated over time since the fall of the valley. It now serves as the base camp of both Explorers and Knights, allowing them to oversee the valley and see where their aid is needed.
Farmer Camp
The farmers have set up a camp where they and their beasts of burden can seek safety from predators. They are working on terraced farming grounds, expanding streams for irrigation. These farmlands are expected to suffice for the current population.

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