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Central Forest - Recon

Flanked by two west-flowing rivers, the central forest lies in the center of the valley. The hilly area is currently entirely covered by trees, even though the capital was once located there. This city was said to be far larger than even the combined population of all the villages scattered throughout the valley,   That said, there's something unnatural about the treelines. It seems likely that the capital is simply entirely overgrown right now, which at the least is better than razed to the ground. Hopefully there are still intact libraries or other useful places to be found.   Unfortunately, we scholars will have to wait. Currently most available forces dedicated to guaranteeing the safety of the people, while some help clear other areas for expansion. As such, a trip into unknown woods with unknown threats has a low priority.
Center of the valley
Relevant areas/buildings
  • Former Capital
  • Royal Palace


Former Capital
Overseeing the valley from a central place, the former capital supposedly had large central roads and many walls. Yet right now, none of these are visible from a distance. Either the walls have fully collapsed, or are completely overgrown.
Royal Palace
Many left the valley during its downwards period, and while not much information was passed down from them, we do know that the palace was famous for its hanging gardens. It also had a large observatory and a massive royal crypt underneath.


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