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Eastern Forest - Recon

To the east of the Central Forest, first the hills end in a flat area where few trees grow. Then, the hills start again, covered in what is considered a separate forest. The western part of it was used for lumber production, which supposedly was brought to a village to the north, then brought elsewhere with the help of boats.   As the hills grow taller to the east, so do the trees, while the shrubs and bushes also grow in quantity. Asides from a few game trails, the denser area appears hard to access. It also is hard to oversee due to the density. While lumber will become useful for us, the deeper woods are likely not important to us.
East/Northeast area of the valley
Relevant areas/buildings
  • Forester Woods
  • Deep Woods


Forester Woods
Even from a distance and after all these years, one can still tell this area is artificial. Unnaturally straight lines of trees are surrounded by younger overgrowth that will have to be removed before the tall trees can be gathered. We soon should be able to gather some.
Dense Woods
Even when the light shines just right, the Eagle-Eye telescope did not allow us to see the ground, so dense is the area. No large clearings can be seen. The old locals are said to have avoided this area, somehow this feels understandable.


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