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Southern Hills - Recon

The hills in the south-western corner of the valley are flanked by a lake that was famous for its peaceful waters and abundance of fish. The hills are said to have sheltered the fishing village and dockyard from the fires that once ravaged the valley. This also means they provide safety for creatures, so we should tread carefully until we know what all resides there.   Another thing to keep in mind, is that the river is said to have fallen dry then flooded once, which caused an unknown amount of damage. But we may find plenty of useful resources there still, and the waters may hold far better fish than can be gathered near the High Plains.
Southwestern area of the valley
Relevant areas/buildings
  • Fishing Lake
  • The Dockyard


Fishing Lake
A lake that may be smaller than The Basin, but is far more restful and without islands. As far as can be seen from a distance, the waters still appear to be clear and peaceful.
The Dockyard
All larger boats, both fishing and transport, were constructed at the dockyard in the fishing village. Unfortunately the tall hills directly flank the village, so we cannot observe its current state.


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