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The Basin - Recon

What we call the Basin, is the western part of the valley, which holds a large lake. They say that this area held the only low-altitude exit of the valley in the past, with a river flanked by cliffs flowing out. There was, and still is, a fort spanning the entire departure river. Our scholars are still gathering information, and obviously prioritising the nearby areas. However, we can report that supposedly, spring floods damaged the fort by hammering it with large amounts of trees.   The Basin is the furthest point from the High Plains and as such is impossible to properly recon. The Eagle-Eye telescope used only lets us see rough shapes, so we must get far closer before we can truly tell the current shape of the fort and the lake.
Northwestern river mouth
Relevant areas/buildings
  • Basin Lake
  • Basin Fort


Basin Lake
The main water reservoir of the valley, Basin Lake is where the rivers gather in calm waters. In the middle of the lake there appears to be a strange mass that does not match the old maps. Part of it seems to include ships, suggesting either ships wrecked on an undocumented island, or a massive flotsam area.
Basin Fort
A fort located at the start of the Departure River. Large gates used to block creatures and ships from getting through into or out of the valley. The fort's silhouette definitely seems disrupted, suggesting there has been significant damage to the place over the years. The cause is uncertain but we suspect spring floods.


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