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Northern Swamp - Recon

At the foot of the mountains to the north side of the valley, soft soil and bogs get in the way of both farming and construction. Yet it is there that they say the best mines of the valley were located. Though these mines did not go into the mountains, but deep underground instead.   Given how great these mines were said to have been, long-term we definitely will be aided by these as we suspect they are still far from exhaustion. Yet to reach there, we first must venture past the Central Forest and face the uncertainty of the bogs. And then, who knows what may lie underneath? It definitely is an area that will require a large amount of people to keep safe.
Northern edge of the valley
Relevant areas/buildings
  • Bogs
  • The Depths


Large swamps make the entire area hard to navigate. But even outside the swamps, the soil is soft. The hills supposedly held caves and were avoided, while the main road and mining village needed repeated reinforcement.
The Depths
Natural caverns and tunnels, connected by mineshafts, were said to have made this place a maze. Some folks talk about how their ancestors would work here in rotation. Working there was too tense for a permanent stay.


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