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Crow's Nest

The Crow's Nest is an old organization that helps connect scouts and mercenaries to merchants and other parties in need of their services. By playing the intermediary, they aim to prevent people from being screwed over by a malicious employer. After all, a small group of scouts cannot do anything about a noble refusing to pay them. Yet when all parties might suddenly refuse to do business with any organization in the area, political pressure helps keep folks in line.   Within the valley, they quickly took action to convince all groups to work with them. Now they are followed by both the native groups and foreigner explorers that just got caught up in the mess. They are friendly with the Wooden Shields, as both aim to make the valley a safe place for everyone.   Their name originates from the combination of them overseeing things, and how many nobles consider scouts mere scavengers. Little is known about their leadership structure or their precise age. Some say that they in some way have existed for multiple centuries, though there aren't clear records to figure out how much truth there lies in that claim. Their own lips are sealed. As they say, 'we're not in the information business, we just connect people for a price'.


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