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Scouts, often called explorers as well, are people that make a living going into the wilds. Sometimes they do so by hunting down creatures or hidden treasures, then selling what they gathered. But usually they are hired in advance, to either explore an unknown place or take out a threat, for example a pack of wolves harassing sheep herders.   Because they run into all kinds of dangers, a scout should be well prepared and a group should make sure they have a decent role distribution. There are too many stories about groups that went in recklessly and got themselves killed, so nowadays veteran scout groups always try to provide some guidance to newbies.
Scout, Explorer, Adventurer
Typical Practitioners
  • Hunters
  • Former soldiers
  • Unranked nobles
The need for fixers
It isn't just nature that scouts have to deal with, but also people. Bandits and corrupt soldiers, of course. Additionally one must also fear their own commissioners, who are eager to double-cross with either trickery or the brute force weapon called authority.   For both scouts not wanting to be tricked, and commissioners wanting reliable agents, there was the need for someone to broker the deal. It used to be that this would be done by a Mercenary Fixer. Nowadays, however, this is usually handled by the Crow's Nest.
Typical jobs
  • Bodyguard: For a agreed upon duration or trip, protect one or multiple people from any threats they may face.
  • Exploration: Go into a wild area, such as woods or a ruin, and investigate all resources and threats present.
  • Hunt: Chase down one or more specific creatures, either for their monetary value or to eliminate dangerous species.
  • Leading the way: Venture over a path to verify if it is safe to travel, while eliminating any hazards if possible.
  • Mapmaking: An exploration meant to produce a map.


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