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The Lost City of Ión-Tarnis

Once situated upon a small island at the end of Vallanna's Windward Peninsula, Ión-Tarnis was an early Elven city, said to rival Seorsa'Emel in size and influence.   The city's inhabitants were an outgoing, seafaring society; mostly Elves, who thrived on a vibrant seaborne economy; trading up and down the coasts of the Sea of Whispers and the Sea of Vallar.   In the year 702 AoAM, the city was lost as a result of The Great Vallar Meteor Impact. The arcane powers of the city's prominent magical users were able to protect the city from the initial tidal wave produced by the meteor's impact, but the seismic shocks of the disaster undermined the integrity of the small of island upon which the city was built. Within a month of the impact, the island had begun to subside, and the city was abandoned wholesale by the population; many of whom would relocate to the inland elven communities, preferring to leave their seagoing lives behind with the death of their city.   Held together by the lingering magical energies and fey influence of its former inhabitants, much of the city's structures remained intact as the island slipped below the waves to rest in the ocean depths, roughly where the Sea of Vallar and Sea of Whispers meet.   Extremely few elves survive who lived in Ión-Tarnis, despite the long lifespan of their race. Those who relocated following the disaster passed down stories of their lost home to their offspring, but for most elves, however, Ión-Tarnis remains a fairy-tale or fable.

702 AoAM



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