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First founded in 207 AoU, Taure'lasse was a small elven settlement on the north-western Windward Peninsula of The Kingdom of Vallanna. It was located in the forests to the south-west of the port city of Springport - an area which, for one reason or another, had not seen any previous settlement by the elves. The name 'Taure'lasse' itself roughly translates as 'Forest Leaf'.   The settlement stood for over one thousand years, before it was destroyed during the Demon War, in 1243 AoU.


95% Elven 5% Other


The settlement was led by a small council of elders, many of whom served for centuries, due to the long life-span of the elven people.


The settlement did not have much in the way of defences, instead relying on the protective concealment of the forest and it's relative remoteness. Many elves knew the way of the bow, however, and could be called upon to defend their homes in times of danger.


Taure'lasse was founded in 207 AoU by a small contingent of High Elves looking to establish a new northern settlement, outside of the larger southern elven woodland communities, closer to the trading oppurtunities offered by the proximity to the burgeoning human settlements on the northern coastline of the newly formed greater nation of Vallanna, following the union of the Northern Coastal Kingdom of Vallanna with the Duchies of Laranna and Serenal, The Windward Baronies, the Dwarven Kingdom of the Grand Hall and the Amethyst Isles over the course of the previous two centuries.   Like many smaller elven settlements, Taure'lasse was not given to endless sprawling growth, staying at roughly the same size for the majority of it's existence, despite the success which it enjoyed for over one thousand years. The settlement was home to roughly one hundred and fifty to two-hundred individuals at any given time.   Prior to the Demon War, Taure'lasse's small size and lack of any meaningful defenses or important fortresses had meant it was overlooked as by and large a tactically unimportant location, and it was generally left alone during most of the conflicts of the times. This would not be the case during the Demon War itself though, and in late 1243 AoU, a large band of cultists and the demons which they summoned/served would descend upon the small settlement. There were very few survivors of this assault, as the attackers brutally slaughtered their way through most of Taure'lasse's residents and burned the village to the ground. One notable survivor of the attack was Keldan Cal'Sael, the current Grand Master of the Arcaneum, who at the time was serving as an aide to his diplomat father, who happened to be visiting the village at the time of the attack. Another survivor of the attack, forever changed by his experience, was Enothe Strife.   Taure'lasse would not be rebuilt following this attack.


The settlement was situated within a forest, relatively near to the northern coast of Vallanna. The forest itself was mostly grown over what would have been slow, rolling hills.

Natural Resources

Being in a forest, wood was abundant, although the elves who built and tended the settlement took only what they could regrow without upsetting the balance of nature.


Owning Organization