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Iand'tir Tower

A ruined Elven watchtower, found within the Drakeshade Forest, around 25 miles to the east of Erivale, north of The Lifeblood River.   Once part of a large network of such watchtowers, Iand'tir was attacked during the Demon War, in the year 1245 AoU, and has been a disused ruin since that time.


Iand'tir Tower was constructed in the year 318 AoU, by the elven kingdom, as part of a large network of watchtowers throughout their woodland realms. The location of this particular tower was chosen so that those inhabiting it could keep watch on both the river to the south, and the mountains to the north. At the time, the threat of dragons living in the mountains was much higher than it is in current times, before the rise of the dragonslayers, so the construction of this tower was seen as a prudent measure.   However, as there are no major elven settlements within the Drakeshade Forest itself, Iand'tir tower was considered somewhat of a frontier outpost, rather than part of the major defense network.   The tower saw use until 1245 AoU, when, at the height of the Demon War, it came under attack by a group of Demon-Worshippers and the monstrosities which they had summoned. While still standing, the tower took considerable damage during the attack, and the lookouts stationed at it were killed. The current elven leadership has not seen fit to rebuild or restore the tower since the attack.   In the year 1307 AoU, while tracking The Cult of the Bleeding Eye, the adventurers Enothe Strife, Bork Mantut and Pronce took shelter from a storm in the ruined structure. They soon found that they were not alone, however, as a reclusive Dreamwalker had taken up residence in the ruins. After a short confrontation, the adventurers moved on, leaving the Dreamwalker in peace.
1245 AoU
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