Session 39

Starting Things Out

Date: 11/2/2146. It is early afternoon and Team 8 is just arriving back at Onureth Taoul after spending the morning in the Shadow Pit.

Researching the Knights of the Silver Dragon

The players can attempt to gather information on the knights through their own skills or they can call upon one of the NPCs to research on their behalf. Either way, have them role on the following table to see what information the learn about the knights. There are numerous types of skill checks that would get the players information. They could use:
  • Computer Use: This could be use to complete an internet search for general information and to see what kinds of things are being written on this topic.
  • History: This would allow the player to see what historical information the players know about the organization.
  • Investigation: This could be used to research on the internet or to interview contacts regarding the topic. They could even go to the library and use this skill to reference written materials.
In general, try to keep the skill and method or research being used in mind when giving information. Is it reasonable that they would get the information through the means they are using with the skill they are using?

Very Easy DC 5

The Knights of the Silver Dragon control Tacoma They own The Medical Corporation (commonly called Med Corp) They have been in conflict with Draco industries since 2142. During that time, they have made numerous raids into Seattle with unclear objectives. Eadric Archer is the CEO of Med Corp and the ruler of Tacoma.

Easy DC 10

They are lead by Wynn Flashond. He does not run Med Corp but rather is the leader of the Knights of the Silver Dragon. He is not generally considered the ruler of Tacoma, but it is clear that he has a significant influence over the manner in which the city is run. With the rise of Corporatocracy, they used a corporation (Med Corp) that one of their members (Eadric Archer) owned to lay claim to Tacoma. Med Corp has been controlled by the Archer family since it was established. The founder of the company was named Eadric Archer and after taking control of Tacoma, he established the tradition of naming the first born son Eadric Archer and passing the company to them. Members of the Knighthood are dedicated body and soul to the cause of good and protecting the innocent.

Moderate DC 15

During the Dark Ages, the Knights of the Silver Dragon was an order of monks in Ireland. In the Middle Ages, it was a knightly order in France. During the Enlightenment, it was a Masonic brotherhood in England. In the American colonies, it was a band of rebels on the frontier. The Knights are organized into cells, each responsible for reporting back to Wynn about current goings on in their local Shadow communities. There are cells established all over the United States.

Hard DC 20

During The Era Of Anarchy, they were an elite unit of soldiers that protected the people and ensured that they were provided for. They worked primarily within the Tacoma area. In the absence of direct orders from their leader, they are charged with wholeheartedly and without hesitation protecting all innocent and good creatures from harm (particularly harm caused by evil Shadow creatures).

Very Hard DC 25

In The Democratic Era, it was a secret organization that knew all about the ways of Shadow and has sworn to protect all innocent and good creatures no matter where they come from. The cells of the Knights are organized and funded through Radiant Intelligence. This is a government funded program started in Tacoma shortly after Med Corp took control of the city.

Nearly Impossible DC 30

The group’s name comes from its founder, a silver dragon who was trapped in this world during an incursion of Shadow over 1,500 years ago. There are rumors that Wynn Falshond is a Silver Dragon  

Remaining Leaders to Meet With

Character | Jul 22, 2022
Gnara Riverpaw
Character | Aug 22, 2022
Character | Aug 7, 2022



  • Uniting the various Shadow Kind factions into a coalition to address the escalating behaviors of Draco Industry.
  • Gather more information regarding the Knights of the Silver Dragon

Moral Quandaries

  • Should the Shadow Kind go to war with Draco Industries?


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