The Goblin Warren

1. Warren Entrance

The entrance to The Warren is just a hole on the hillside. There are no markings or features of interest. A successful DC 12 Survival check reveals several footprint tracks coming in and out of the cave. A few of them appear to be medium-sized footwear tracks. The rest are small-sized goblin barefoot tracks.

2. Goblin Guards

This is a small hub area that connects to many of the other cave chambers. At any given time, 6 goblins are here on guard-duty. These 6 goblins are of the Hunter caste. In addition to these guards, there is always a Lasher present to serve as the group's leader. There is not much to do here so the goblins often amuse themselves with dice games or by telling stories. Use a basic goblin for the 6 Hunter caste goblins. Goblin or on D&D Beyond. The Lasher is a level 1 fighter and has a worg as a mount. You can use this character for the Lasher.
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or in D&D Beyond

3. Fungi Garden

The sun window on the upper east section of the wall lets in just enough light and humidity to make this part of the cave the perfect spot to grow fungi. These goblins are of the Gatherers caste. There will be 10 present and tending the fungi at all times. Use a basic goblin for them. Goblin or on D&D Beyond. The Gatherer goblins do not oppose any intruders in the cave. They kneel and beg for their lives in common tongue if it comes to it. There are several holes in the floor where organic waste has been dumped and is composting. The room has a pungent, unpleasant smell.

4. Communal Room

Most of the clan sleeps in this area. The accommodations are limited. There are simple cots and sleeping bags. The cave is humid and protects them from the harsh elements. There is also a raised area in the communal room, accessed by a ladder, where the Lashers sleep. In this area there are simple beds, blankets and pillows. There are holes in the floor that are used as toilets. These are cleaned out by the Pariah caste by buckets on long poles that are kept in their upper corner of the room. The waste is used in the fungi farming. These holes give the room the smell of an outhouse.   At any given time, there are 48 non-combatant goblins (females, old, children) and 18 goblins. The latter do their best to attack any intruders. There is nothing of significant value in this room. For the non-combatant goblins, use the goblin commoner stats. Goblin Commoner or on D&D Beyond. For the other goblins, use a basic goblin. Goblin or on D&D Beyond.

5. Rat Room

This is the room where their rats are bred. The rats are used as a reliable food source. The more intelligent ones are kept as pets. This area is filled with rats and the supplies used to care for their rats. There is 2 goblins in here at any given time tending to the rats. They are of the Lasher caste. There will also be 100 rats in the room. Use the goblin boss stats for the 2 Lasher goblins. Goblin Boss or on D&D Beyond. For the rats, you can use either the rat stats or the swarm of rats. The swarm of rats would be the easier method and would require 4 to cover the number of rats in this room. Rat or on D&D Beyond. Swarm of Rats or on D&D Beyond. If there are invaders into this portion of the Warren, the rat handlers will attack and will command the rats to attack as well.

6. Community Room

This is another shared living space. It is here that the general life of the Warren takes place. It is here that the goblins gather when not working or sleeping. There is a throne for the Boss to sit upon where they can survey their Warren. It is here that any legal matters are addressed. There is a small stream that comes in from area 7 and fills an area that the goblins have hollowed out to create a pool before slowly draining again from an outlet at the eastern wall. This is the shared water source. There is a small cooking area that is not heavily used as the goblins tend to eat their food raw. There is also several holes to discard biodegradable waste and that are used as toilets. Again, these are cleaned by the Pariah caste. The waste is used in the fungi farming. These holes give the room the smell of an outhouse.

7. The Boss's Chambers

This room is the private area reserved for the Boss and his mate. They use the stream for drinking and bathing before being contaminated by the other goblins. In the lowest area, there is a small sitting and dining area. There are two areas that are raised with access by ladders. In the first raised area is the sleeping quarters of the Boss's Mate and the storage area for the Warren's most valuable treasures. There is nothing of great value in this store. It is mostly a collection of food dried grains, canned goods and the like. There is also $100 in various bills and change. There is also 10 gold. In the higher raised area is the Boss's sleeping quarters.
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Author's Notes

The map I am using is one that was shared as a free to use resource that can be found here.

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