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Most Elves on Udinia originate from one of the hidden cities originally, each subrace coming from a specific one, having its own strengths and weakness. Though Elves have interfered with the world since before the Rebel age most of the cities themselves stayed hidden, with the elves affecting the area around the city to their benefit.  



Very little is known about this group, some even think it doesn't exist. However, rumors persist of unnaturally long-lived elves that seem to belong to any group. One such elf is Queen Eva  

High elves

High elves are often white-skinned, with blonde hair and purple to dark blue eyes. These are the oldest group of elves and come from the city of Arcarnum. Skilled practitioners of magic, high Elves are known to be intelligent and wise, though this might be because few high elves younger than several hundred are seen.  

Dark elves

Also known as cave elves, these are the Elves that come from Harl Shuk, though do have a large presence in other darker areas of the world like the Dread Forest. These elves have grey-to-black skin, white hair, and solid white eyes. Shorter than most elves relying more on their charm than other abilities.  

Moon elves

Very little is known of the moon elves other than the few encounters over the ages. What is known is they come from Dul Ath Tel'nodel, a secret city apparently sacred to elves. They often have skin colors similar to night skies (purple or dark blue) and star-like eyes. They apparently have the ability to see into the very soul of those they're talking to.  

sea elves

An amphibious elf, they are thought to be a crossbreed between elves and other sea peoples originally before developing into their own species. Coming from Arrn Revar in the silent lake, they spend most of their interactions trading with others. Having bluish skin, green or blue hair, and green eyes typically they are stronger and more athletic than other elves, giving more credence to them starting as a half-breed.  

Shadow elves

Also known as ice elves, these come from the cold north of Guenhyvar Revar. These elves have pale, almost white skin, red eyes, and white hair. Due to their harsh living, they are tougher than most elves, but shorter, similar to the dark elves in height. Very few are seen in the south and many don't even realize when they do see one due to how covered they stay.  

Wood Elves

The proud elves of Q'thurlas often see themselves as above most other creatures of Undinia and so keep to themselves. Greenish to olive skinned with green hair and brown eyes. Their deep connection with nature makes them claim to be wiser than most.
750 years
Average Height
From just under 5' to over 6'
Average Weight
100 to 140 pounds
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