The Misty Maze and Other Short Stories

"If we believe that we are not lost than there is no way that we can be. Mind over matter." Najel Ncasssekwa said confidently as they made their way through the maze-like structure.

"Hey that was in Pōyâ's book The Misty Maze." Aùshe said with a smile beaming from her face that Raga only say when Pōyâ was the around.

"Bhimnen it is, she has been asking me to read that to her almost every night now," Najel replied matching the same energy and love that Aùshe spoke in.

The Misty Maze and Other Short Stories is a popular children's book in Nyiltokti especially among the Humans who find the encouraging stories of overcoming great odds an inspiration and something that they want to impart to their children. The people living in the slums also value the book for the same reason since its overall theme of overcoming odds is something that feels relatable to them.


Like most books for children, the main purpose is to help teach them how to read and to entertain them while inspiring them to be creative. After all, if a person knows how to read a doorway to adventures can be opened whether if that is with traditional books or other media.

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There are five short stories within the book one of them, of course, being The Misty Maze. The other short stories are The Broken Water Pump, Shadows After Nine, The Alchemist's Apprentice, and Overcoming the Peel Fugs.

Publication Status

The book is publicly available and pretty common.
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