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Emergency Broadcast

"Security Alert this is a Crisis Emergency. All personnel evacuate the area. Security Alert -" the loud voice and sirens of the security system were saying.
There are various different broadcasts recorded and ready to be blasted through Nyiltokti in the event of an emergency through speakers that are placed around the city.


The purpose of this broadcast is to announce nearby disasters to help people get through the emergency and to inform the people that Pfussäwinn Witts will be sending Kwönnsch Püerngsing and other related organizations to help.

Historical Details


There are various different broadcasts for different types of emergencies so that people will have the information that they need.


The new broadcast system throughout Nyiltokti is in place because there wasn't a system in place to tell everyone to activate or stay calm when the Golden Wing Flight Tuzæk Tuɦegasa army sieged Nyiltokti and caused lots of infrastructural damage to Nyiltokti. This system makes it so that everyone aware of any dangers and disasters in the city so that everyone can be safe.

Public Reaction

The people on the upper levels were happy to get the new emergency system, however, the lower districts didn't get this same system and were upset because it felt like Bridt Schtricksüker didn't care about the people living under the plates of the city. To this day this has still been something that they didn't like because most are out of the loop about what is going on in the whole of the city.
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