Dō Debmow

"I left Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō, they said they wanted to help the people. They didn't. I could have saved them, I had to leave."
- Dōnlau
The iconic weapon of Jôwoj Ibawūkae Dō is a large ring with four ornate spikes poking out to form several blades on the edge of the ring. The sun blade is only used by high-ranking members of Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō and is the symbol of the organization. The blade represents harmony and oneness with self and the environment.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Dō Debmow when it is not being used as a weapon is worn as a ring on the monk's dominant hand with the crest of Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō on the ring. When the monk needs to active the blade they rub the crest and open their hand so that they can hold the weapon when it extends. Once the blade is fully activated it will look like the sun and can be used as both a melee and a ranged weapon. When used as a melee it can be used to guard against attacks with long weapons and can attack with a short limit. When thrown the blade spins and the direction that it goes is dedicated to the concentration of the monk and magic.


Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō the Golden Wing Flight Monk order that means Order of the Heavenly Sun primarily use this weapon because when fully activated the blade looks like a stylized sun with four points. Dō Debmow represents harmony with self and others with its circular shape. The points represent the tenets of Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō which are to serve and defend the community and lands, to aid the Zâā with advice and defense, and finally to spread the ideals of harmony.

Yellow Dragonic for Sun Blade

Item type
Weapon, Other
Subtype / Model
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Owning Organization
The blade is very rare since only members of Jôwoj hūb Ibawūkae Dō and it is rarer to see the blade owned by someone that is not apart of the organization. The reason why the blade is so rare is that it a Dragon Grade weapon and is made out Shifter Dragon scales and bones.
Raw materials & Components
As a dragon grade weapon Dō Debmow is made out of the scales of Scale Dragons and the bones of dragons. This is important since most dragons don't give up their scales and permission must be given for their bones to be used in making weapons or other artifacts.
The weapon is crafted with a forge and magic.
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