Uncharred The Thaumic Revolution Timeline
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The Thaumic Revolution

While magic on Halqueme has been present - and used - since the dawn of time, humans have been improving their understanding of it over centuries. Widespread use of magic, especially of battle magic, only really took off around 16th century Asunder, and has been dubbed by historians the Thaumic Revolution.

  • 1510 Asunder

    First thaumic fishery open in Siemark
    Technological achievement
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  • 1561 Asunder

    1563 Asunder

    The Sea War
    Political event

    Armed conflict between Siemark and the Seafolk caused by overfishing

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  • 1563 Asunder

    1565 Asunder

    The Elf Plague
    Plague / Epidemic

    The Seafolk send a plague, effectively winning the war with Siemark. The epidemic rages throughout Eastern Halqueme, especially ravaging regions that do not posses developed magic. Llitaw is hardest hit, with Velnie and Planum sharing the second place.

  • 1613 Asunder

    The Golden Year
    Discovery, Scientific

    Discovery of thaumcally-enhanced grain production method

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  • 1629 Asunder

    12 /5

    First sky ship takes flight
    Technological achievement
  • 1638 Asunder

    Wyverns domesticated
    Cultural event
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