Uncharred History of Bereg Timeline
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History of Bereg

  • 1323 Asunder

    Bereg founded

    The wedding of the Princess of Kelgorod and the Prince of Tigoń marks the first serious attempt to unify the fragmented Brežna Zemí into a single Bereghin Realm.

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  • 1569 Asunder

    1587 Asunder

    The Twenty Years War
    Military action

    Also known as the First Bereghin War in Halcia.

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  • 1629 Asunder

    12 Flower

    First sky ship takes flight
    Technological achievement
  • 1671 Asunder

    1671 Asunder


    The Neldin War
    Military action

    Halcian Republic annexes the Bereghin city of Neldin.

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