Uncharred History of Velnie Timeline
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History of Velnie

  • 1516 Asunder

    1521 Asunder

    War between the Kingdom of Velnie and the Kingdom of Planum
    Military action
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  • 1521 Asunder

    Siemarkan Revolt

    Siemark revolts against the Velnish crown

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  • 1546 Asunder

    1547 Asunder

    Crisis of succession in Velnie
    Political event

    Queen Lysande Ontien dies childless. A political struggle ensues between her brother Inhan and her nephew Lysand. Lysand wins and is crowned Lysand III. Inhan Ontien flees to Planum.

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  • 1563 Asunder

    1565 Asunder

    The Elf Plague
    Plague / Epidemic

    The Seafolk send a plague, effectively winning the war with Siemark. The epidemic rages throughout Eastern Halqueme, especially ravaging regions that do not posses developed magic. Llitaw is hardest hit, with Velnie and Planum sharing the second place.

  • 1568 Asunder

    Llitaw joins Velnie
    Diplomatic action

    The former Kingdom of Llitaw, depopulated by the Elf Plague, accepts suzerainty of the Velnish crown and becomes a barony under the Amzor family.

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  • 1617 Asunder

    1620 Asunder

    Civil war in Velnie

    King Lysand V, his sister Helene, and his nephew Renier die under suspicious circumstances. A power struggle ensues between Lysand's widow Esmene, Helene's widower Filiber, and Lysand of Planum (a descendant of Inhan Ontien).

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  • 1621 Asunder

    30 Ice

    The founding of the Halcian Confederacy

    The Halcian Confederacy (soon to be renamed Halcian Republic) is created.

    City of Reulga
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