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Clan Dwr-Haearn

One of the many Dwarf clans that make up the The Union of Mishtoon, Clan Dwr-Haearn had until recently been quite dismissed by many of the other clans, and they had often found it hard to make their voice heard in the Union Council. Now, however, Dwr-Haearn has the great distinction of being the clan that the current High King belongs to, and as a result of High King Medyr IX’s ascension to the throne, the Clan has enjoyed a great increase in influence and honour.   Based out of the south-western city of Coeduchal, Clan Dwr-Haearn is the terminating point of the underground highway in the area that wends its way beneath the Eira-Gwyn Mountains. Though not rich in land or territory, the clan’s people are hardy and stoic folk, who like to think of themselves as being much more down to earth than the other clans of the Union.


Like all clans in the Union of Mishtoon, the Prif, the oldest living member of the clan, governs Clan Dwr-Haearn. The Prif makes decisions on clan affairs, with the aid of an assembly made up of the other clan elders. In order to be included in this assembly, a member of the clan has to have seen over 200 winters. The Prif and the Elder’s Assembly make decisions on internal issues, civic and economic matters relating to clan territory, and decide on where the clan stands on issues being raised and discussed in the Union Council at Ebenbirn.


As the Clan’s seat at Coeduchal has a large fortified access gate, rather than a postern gate, out onto the slopes of the Eira-Gwyn Mountains, the Clan is able to take greater advantage of the abundant supplies of timber that blanket the mountainsides. Not only does this mean that the Clan produces a large amount of raw lumber for distribution around the rest of the Union, and occasionally beyond, but they also have an active woodworking industry within their territory that produces a variety of goods from chests and strong boxes to high-end furniture. Beyond that, there is a small amount of prospecting that goes on amongst the Clan, but compared to other parts of Mishtoon it is much more minimal.


Clan Dwr-Haearn maintains a militia of around 2,000 warriors who train twice a week, alongside maintaining their livelihoods in other areas. The militia is equipped with standardised equipment and is trained to a good standard of competence. Overall, the militia of Clan Dwr-Haearn prefer to arm themselves with spears and throwing axes as opposed to other weapons and this is reflected in the weapons that are kept and maintained in the Clan’s armouries.
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