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Banern Province (Ban-ern)

A photo of the Banern tundra.
by Photograph by Sergei

  Banern Province is the Northern-most province of Uclandia, whose capital city is Wintershire.
  High in the mountains, it's cold, windy, and generally not an easy place to live. Not much grows there. What Banern is known for, other than the cold, is its Habgar farms. Habgars would be most closely related to your goats. Only larger.
  Banern Province exports Habgar fur, meat, hides, and horn as well as silver, nickel, and various gemstones.
  The province is also home to large eagles with wingspans of 15 feet or more. The eagles are spotted and have been witnessed preying on young Habgar for food. They seem to migrate to the Chonaic Ridge, where they have been seen catching fish.
  Banern's northern-most border is a line of mountains, in which Naledi's tower, Stagfrost, sits.
  There are pockets of settlements of varying ages throughout the Province. But not many, because Banern Province is a harsh land.
  The third Emperor of Uclandia, Uriah Haggard, decided his land needed a Northern outpost, and so sent men North to build a fort so that the Northern Reaches might be guarded against invasion. (The men he sent were critical of his plan since Banern Province is bordered by mountains in the North, but they went and did as they had been commanded by their ruler)
  When completed, the structure was given the name, Fort Wintershire, in recognition of the unrelenting winter-like weather. Over the years, the fort became the center of the province that formed around it. The fort became less important as it became clear no one else lived in the Northern Reaches, hence, there was no one to defend against. But a small community had developed around the fort, so it was decided that the fort would be absorbed into the community around it. The designation 'fort' was dropped, and the community became known and marked on maps as simply 'Wintershire'.

Cover image: by Photograph by Sergei


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