Bahadur Meridian (Bah-had-dur)

As seen in
Sire to Nareese Meridian and Naledi Meridian, and bond-mate to Daenra. Brother to Eri Meridian.   When Bahadur met Daenera, he was a Trader who traveled around Banern Province. It was not until he began to dream of making a life with her that he considered a life off the road, and settled down in one place. Once he had asked Daenera's father for permission to marry, Bahadur decided to study to become a blacksmith. Once he felt ready, he married Daenera and they moved to the village of Mooreridden.   Bahadur was not tall, or imposing, but he was kind. For a long time, he loved his wife. At least until she proved that she loved money and status more than she loved him. Then he was kind to his neighbors and his daughters. He tried hard to be a good father and provide for his family. But he could never work hard enough to please his wife. So he decided to be a good man, and have that be his legacy.   But it was not to be.   His wife met a friend who offered her more than he could. And damn that Oseya Adela! She lured Daenera away from her family - Bahadur and the girls. One day his wife chose her friend - her new love - over her own family. She walked away and never looked back.   Bahadur tried to carry on and be two parents to his girls, but he spent more and more time at the inn after work, bracing himself for their questions. "Why did Mama leave?" "Was it because they had been bad?"   Was she ever coming back?   The other men at the inn knew his sad tale. When they'd had too much to drink, one or two of them taunted him, told him he'd not been enough of a man to keep his own wife. They scorned and mocked him for losing his wife, and not even to another man - but to a woman!   The shame was too much, on top of too much whiskey and Bahadur could stand no more.   One evening, instead of going home to the children he'd let down, he threw himself off the top of Mooreridden Falls, praying for forgiveness on the way down.   Shame killed Bahadur Meridian.     ________________________________________________________


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