Eri Meridian

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Eri is Naledi Meridian's paternal aunt. Sister to Bahadur Meridian Court Seer to Count Jessan Aran   When she was younger, she traveled to Wintershire and at the Blind Mare Inn, met Peregrine Stormcloud, the owner. She also met Waelyn, a wizard who lived nearby in a self-designed tower. Eri and Waely sat together and had a conversation while she ate. In the end, it was decided that she would come to his home (Stagfrost) and be his apprentice.   Over time, Waelyn taught her everything he knew. Eri helped make Stagfrost more comfortable. While they were close friends, their relationship never went beyond that. When Waelyn died of old age, he willed Stagfrost and all of its contents to Eri.   Eri journeyed back South to her brother's home and gained his permission to make his youngest daughter her heir. Upon her return to Wintershire, she agreed to take on the role of Court Seer to Count Jessan Aran.   When she grew ill with the wasting disease, she had Peregrine (who was by then a very good friend) help her write a number of instructional books intended for Naledi. Eri sent her lover & companion Tanyth Boltbringer away so her last memory would not be of a shell of a woman. Eri wanted Tanyth to remember her as being full of life.   Count Aran sent a messenger out to find Eri's niece, but he did not find her in time. Eri had died the night before Naledi arrived in Wintershire.   Though it takes a great deal of energy, Eri can occasionally appear to Naledi, usually in dreams, to provide snippets of advice.


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