Athrumy (ath-roo-me)

Athrumy is the science of transformation through mixing plants, gases, and minerals into poisons, solids, healing elixirs, or other liquids with various purposes. For example, a skilled Athrumist knows how to make a "metal wash" that will keep one's sword perpetually sharp. They can also make a weakening potion that will last an entire day, or if created during a waning moon, will last for many days. Or they can use their knowledge for the betterment of their neighbors and create a liquid form of plant boost, which increases a plant's yield.   Athrumy has ever been pursued in order to further Human conditions. These being wealth, health, and immortality, of course. The first and the last of these have always been sought after, even by the Shamans of our world. Greed knows no class or Guild limitations. But while good can come of the application of Athrumy, it is best left to those who have studied its mysteries. As with Spirit Conjuring, one should not rush into some things.   There have been Rulers throughout the ages who have kept Athrumists on staff (or "At Court" as they say) ever hopeful that their Athrumist will produce gold out of thin air. Or find some way to take out any competitors for their seat of power. Athrumists who have less than pure hearts all want to be the next one to stumble across the perfect recipe that will win them the Emperor's favor. But nature and haste have a special way of winnowing the True from the impatient.   So put down that vial of hissing amber liquid gently and step away from the table...

The Origins of Athrumy

  The oldest reference to Athrumy was found in a scroll seemingly written fifty-five years after The Shake in the (AS), by Tiberius Sond. His scroll was a record of his experiments that he had done with various ingredients. His last entry spoke of a combination he wished to try involving some form of powdered rock that set off sparks. Since his body was discovered mostly black and charred by an apprentice, it can be assumed his last experiment backfired and killed him
Access & Availability
Some basic athrumy can be done by anyone, but these amount to little more than party tricks. Potions to turn one's drink a shimmering rainbow of colors, for example.   But those with the Gift of Sight are often exceptionally blessed with talent when it comes to Athrumy. No one is entirely sure, that just seems to be the way of it.


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4 Jul, 2022 16:31

RIP Tiberius Sond---the best thing about WA is finding treasures like this one. I've been struggling with a magical concept I dubbed 'Blood Magicks,' not vampirism, but magic used to drain the life energy from the victim. And not only does it drain life, but the victim's soul is trapped inside the perpetrator. I like the concept of alchemy-based magic you created, and it's given me much to think about.

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I'm pleased if I can provide any inspiration!

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That's a fun twist on alchemy

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Thank you!

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