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Turtle Island Doorway

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Turtle Island Doorway

Praymonth the 19th, Year 54 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  I would just like to point out that it was an accident. Also, I apologise.
  So, I mentioned in the last entry that Almeta Bearach and I went to Turtle Island. We did that. We swam north west, catching the turtle current and landed just west of the island. We also both had our artifacts (Elder Jazzach had specified that I had to bring it if I was coming to see AB as it generally helped to have the two artifacts together). So we had them.

Almost Hidden

Turtle Island was a lot bigger than one might think. I mean, if you flew over it, it only looks to be tiny - just a few metres squared wide. Which is probably why not many people notice it. Also, not many people fly.
  In order to swim there, you have to catch Turtle Current. It's harder for a Naiad to see it, but as I'm half Mermaid it wasn't too bad for me. AB did see it earlier than I did though. So, I can't imagine that someone who isn't water-based would recognise it.
  Also, you have to be recognised by the current. I'm still not sure if it is the Ocean, the Turtles themselves or a separate water body that does the recognition. Still, I had been there before, so it recognised me and AB fine.
  And, perhaps, it recognised our artifacts.

The Doorway

I always just thought that the island was turtles swimming and sitting and sleeping on top of each other. That's what I have seen on the surface, and the top layers of turtle island. I wasn't here for long last time, and I was trying to make friends with a specific turtle, so I didn't notice.
  There is actually a land mass underneath the masses of turtle. The turtles also surround the land mass, so if they didn't give way, it would be hard to see it. But this time, the turtle current took us through most of the turtles and popped us out somewhere between the surface turtles and the Ocean floorbed. It was really hard to see just how far down we were, but this place should be around the third floorbed's depth. It could be more, though - this Island isn't normal Turien.
  The landmass is similar to what I've heard the cave system under the Badlands is like. Lots of holes. It also kinda looks like a bread twist that has been opened up. Maybe I should go to the cave system under the Badlands one day to compare. Maybe there is another artifact testing ground there. Maybe multiple. If turtles are the guardians of this one, could whales be the guardian of one over there?
  There was one hole (kind of like a cave entrance, but the land mass isn't that wide, so there was no cave behind it) that glowed orange. And two giant turtles were chilling just beside it. How giant? They were three times my size. They also had staffs and long grey moustaches. Kinda weird, but they gave off very 'Guardian' vibes.
  Our artifacts glowed.
  "Welcome to the Doorway." AB and I both heard the words. Although the Gaurdian turtles had spoken in turtle, the sounds were then shuffled around in the Ocean and turned into Turien language for us to hear. This was when I started getting shivers.

Vibe Check

AB grabbed me and started to panic. his artifact glowed red and extended towards the Guardians. I tried to stop it, but burnt my hands. AB passed out.
  "Not yet ready." The words were formed again.
  The spear headed towards the closest Guardian, but he just grabbed it. I could smell burning turtle.
  "I will hold it until he is ready to learn." Just one of the Guardians spoke. The words were not as formed as when they both spoke at once.
  The spear struggled, and I tried to wake AB up. AB convulsed. As he did, the spear reacted violently and the Guardian struggled with it. AB started to glow the same red as the spear. Water inked around him. I was scared. But the red didn't touch me. Where I held him, he was normal.
  The spear touched the doorway as I tried to hold down AB as he convulsed, trying to cover him with as much of me as I could.
  As the spear touched the doorway, a tremor rushed down from the doorway and into the floorbed. I couldn't see it, but I could hear it.
  "Not the right one." I couldn't hear the words, but I could feel them. From my brooch, but it was weak.
  "The brooch. Place it on him." The other turtle Gurdian spoke. Again, it was almost broken.
  I did so. The red faded and AB's convulsions stopped.
  "Go. Come back when he is ready." The Guardians spoke. I swam away, the turtle current took us close to where Diplomat Mayder was. She took us to Elder Jazzach.


It was only later that I heard that there was an earthquake in the Great Forest. Mostly, it just scared some people, but there was a fissure in the Tam River.
  Ah, my house has a new room.
  And my ... friend's houses were pulled into the fissure.
Mimi: Lecturer, you said to be wary of my brooch. Did you know about this?
Lecturer: I was worried about your safety. Even more so now.
Leave this with me, I think I may be able to find something in our records.


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Aug 4, 2023 18:28 by Kenneth Bignell

Now that is very nice. I like that it is written in the first person, makes it relatable. The story was great, makes me want to know more about the world and these characters. Well done!

Aug 7, 2023 05:34 by George Sanders

Spread the stories and try not to break too many houses in the process, whoo!

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