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For the Library of the Depths

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Chronos

Analysemonth the 4th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle

Chronos is the secret Library in Belacoushe, that is basically a timeless bubble. Inside the bubble is described as a 'pocket dimension' that keeps the knowledge of all things Forbidden in Turien. This is true of things before the last KLO from the Depths visited, and after them as well.

Mysterious Technology

For centuries, Naiads of the Depths have tried to understand the technology and magic involved in the making and preservation of Chronos. It is the one thing that has eluded us. Well, today, i have expanded our knowledge (and I expect a reward when I get home).
  After entering the time/no-time bubble, I looked around for the greatest recipe ever, but apparently I was too hungry cause all I write down was a bunch of pictures. I mean, I can mostly recognise what they are, and I remember being surprised at some of the ingredients, but mostly at the method. I do remember thinking it would be a bit difficult, but if I got Tish to do step 1, Taegrin's help in step 5 and my father's aunt's best friend's neighbour to do step 18 it could work. But I forgot I'd forget what I read when I'm in the bubble. Well, I didn't think the recipe would have to do with that many Forbiddings so I wasn't prepared to forget.
  Anyways, while I was snooping around (I even had a fake diguise, though I also can't remember what I did to change my face magically), I ran into the Technology Fairy! It was an accident. And there were already books all over the floor anyways, so it's fine. Aaaand, she was talking to the two Fairies who went MIA and assumed dead in the last (or second last?) Magic War - the ones who can see into another Realm, and helped Turien with a lot of technology and things. She called them 'Mum' and 'Dad', so i guess they didn't die. It was a video call, so I can't be certain that the are alive, and I know it was them who she was talking to, as she kept referring back to things they saw or made.
  She found me funny, and told me lots of things. A lot I don't remember nor can I decifer my notes. She also wanted to see what I would be able to take out with me, as she hasn't met many Naiads, particularly from the Depths. We looked around a lot of things, and she showed me a lot of her notes (not the large 'secret secret pile') but apparently she has been working in and out of the Chronos for many years, and seeing what others see. Also, she told me that I was the only one she has met to have picked up on how to use Forbidden magics so quickly. Most people just try to take notes to find the limits around the Forbidding in order to practice what they can back in Turien. I just played with what I could.
  After we ran around trying lots of things out - she asked me to try a bunch of different magics and I could do about half of them, I had to leave. I was hungry, and there was no snack bar inside. She then got me to listen and watch her try out one more magic. It was very swirling and hung around my head like hair for a minute. Then she asked me a question from something she ws talking about earlier, but her eyes were looking a bit weird and it was something boring so I wasn't really paying attention and forgot. After saying I didn't know, she reminded me the time for the food tasting job (which is the reason for being in the area) and let me go.
  It smelled weird when I left, like something was singed, as well as a fishy smell. I just thought I was hungry and went to eat. The Destill has some amazing food! And the Spice varieties are pretty fun, though there was extra Dark Elf guards and waiters. They kept feeding me extra, so I guess it was fine though.  

The Things I found Out

  • Fairy magic was used to create (and maintain) the timeless bubble of Chronos. Although we already know that Mermaid bubble magic had something to do with the structure of the bubble, it was initially created by either Aunt May's daughter or the Technology Fairy's great-something-something-aunt. Either way, it was a Second Generation Fairy that sacrificed themselves in a Magic War. (You can thank Taegrin's too many lectures on Magic Wars for me to have even noticed all this information).
  • Forbidden things done in Chronos are forgotten once back in Turien. We knew about anything written down or recorded by voice would be made fuzzy or otherwise changed once back in Turien, that pertained to something Forbidden (depending on how much was Forbdden, and whether it was to be forgotten or something as well). But this also relates to muscle memory and pictures. Some of my ingredients list are way too squiggly to have been my drawings, even when I'm being lazy I'm not that bad. Probably.
  • The aftereffects of magics done in Chronos stay (unless they have also been Forbidden).
  • Some Spice recipes are made in here. Though, only some of them make it back into Turien. Also, one of the steps done for the production of one of the Fake Spice is done in Chronos. I don't remember what it was, but as it changed whatever it did in Chronos, the result was still able to be taken back to Turien. It tastes pretty good on fishegg toast.

Final Thoughts

I think I might have to go back there when I do some of my other research. Although, I don't know if I will be able to escape Taegrin again.
Dear Mimi,
  Thank you for your first KLO submission to the Depths University. Finally, we have a step forward with the Chronos technology! Even if we cannot build a version ourselves, as long as we have the knowledge of how it was done, we can create a better version of our own. That is what we do after all. I will see about your reward.
  In regards to the 'Technology Fairy', please tell us their name. We need to know who to question next.
  Please be more specific about such large statements as to which Magic War someone went missing.
  As always, don't forget to keep our city secret Mimi. I hope you have rid all these notes and letters to us, including this one.
Kind Regards
Hi #####,
  The Technology Fairies name is Sarah Greetz, and she was raised as a Dwarf. Also, I think my disguise worked well enough - I changed into my sister's best friend's girlfriend's face and her brother's teacher's nephew's hairstyle when I was proving I was from the Depths. I also used the name Nymphoaline Duckweed, although she did laugh at that. At least, until I started talking about the things I bought from her last time. She laughed more, so I don't know if she suspected anything before that.

Hey, Mimi, I haven't seen you in a few days. Are you okay?
Mimi, are you avoiding me? You're not mad for swapping artifacts are you?
You haven't damaged my artifact, have you? I need that when I'm in the Elven Kingdom, you know?
You haven't dropped it in food either right? Or eaten it accidentally?
You didn't see The Collector guy again, did you? Don't get eatin by the Glocarnii Vernoux II
You are okay, right?

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