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Plant Discovery

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Plant Discovery

Awemonth the 27th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle

Deep in the Underground, there is a tunnel filled with strange and wonderous plants. The Collector and his colleagues live in this tunnel, and grow the plants there. Similar to how sections of the Ocean will have coral glowing brightly at night, this tunnel is filled with plant life that are glowing brightly in the depths of the black purified stone tunnel they live in. One such carniverous plant duo exists here, to fight off intruders and to display the rawness of nature.

Plant Life Underground

The most well known plant life of the Underground is Magic Moss, as it is the plant that tells time in the Underground. Unlike the Ocean, where there are various coral that glow at certain times of day, magic moss is the only natural plant that glows different colours based on time of day/night. It is also the most poisonous plant alive, but can also be used for Spice, as an ingredient for paint and in some medicines.
  Some other natural plants are used for Spice, and for decorating, but they are not nearly as widespread (or have as easy names to remember) as magic moss.
  Then there are the bits and pieces of plant life that have been specifically or accidentally cultivated. Some of these were natural plants that were adapted to make better tasting Fake Spice. Some were adapted to integrate with magic moss and/or lessen the effects of magic moss (particularly for decorations or mild level Spice). Some have had their plant genes played with in scientific ormedical labs, for research (one of the stages before testing on people). There were a few other reasons, including the ones that make the fruit taste different, or more vibrantly coloured, or different shapes.
  A lot of the rejected plants end up in the tunnel where The Collector lives. The tunnel was supposed to be a compost of sorts, but as some of the plants left there could be considered dangerous, and 'low socioeconomic' or otherwise 'low in status' people started to also live there, they sent assigned a person, The Collector, to watch over the place. That's probably why he didn't let other knowledge liaison officers go in, as he didn't trust them.

Reagan's Notes

You'd think Taegrin was Reagan's personal apprentice by the way he carries on. Too bad Reagan is missing.
  The plants in the tunnel to The Collector's place are covered with plants that were made or found with the help of Reagan's notes. The Collector was telling me about the terrarium's he has been able to make, find or commission based on a number of the plants dumped in front of his home. He also said he was thankful for the job of watching them all - he didn't want to leave home after his sister died all that time ago. Unless it was for a new terrarium or aquarium. Two of the ones I brough him, he already had the designs of. The third one he did not (which makes sense as it was my sister's design from having a secret rendezvous with a Mermaid. Now she won't ever get caught as neither of us hold the evidence).

Discovery of the Carnivorous Plant

This is The Collector's discovery. Although he still left it were it was and didn't notify anyone, now he has told me it can be official that it was him who discovered it. He's even already named it 'Glocarnii Veroux II'.

Glocarnii Veroux II

It is about waist height, with its flower head as big as my head, and had a colder than room temperature temperature, with the secondary vines attached to it having a warmer than room temperature temperature. The flower head itself is a pink colour, with brown insides, while the stem is a dark green. It would be unnoticed except for the brightly glowing (like coloured sparklers) vines attached around it, which each have a diffrent colour - there's green, pink, yellow and orange from what I can see.
  The secondary vines are parasitic in nature. They are not part of the plant (they can be pulled off without harming the main plant), but The Collector insists that every time he put the secondary vines on another plant, or left them by themselves (or in a terraium), that they would die within the week. They have never been seen with another plant separate to the main plant of the Glocarnii Veroux II either.   There is only one Glocarnii Veroux II in existence, as far as we know. The plant was found around a year ago, but it was only a third of its current height, and the secondary vines were not seen. It is growing out of a plant-like dump, so that's why it wasn't noticed until then.
  The plant also eats anything that the head comes into contact with, though it is a slow digest. The secondary vines have poison so can paralyse people though, thus allowing the main plant eat them over a lengthy period of time. This is what allowed The Collector to give it a title of 'Guard of the Flowering Dumpster'.  


A lot of things with magic moss happen around the Underground and whereever the notes of well known researchers of magic moss, such as Reagan, end up. They can be pretty dangerous, though, the ones that aren't looked after are left to rot (or colour) the compost tunnel that The Collector lives and works in. The Glocarnii Veroux II is a unique plant that can thrive in its environment, even to the point of being a valued member of society.
Rawness of nature? What are you talking about.
How nature can be dangerous, even without people doing things to make it dangerous.
Then just say that!
The Hoho plant is much more widely used as a medicine, instead of magic moss these days. That was discovered by Hoen, a Nymph, by the way.
But Hoho doesn't naturally grow in the Underground. (And I know - you've only told me a thousand times!)
It does, just not in a significant enough amount to render it useful. You haven't found a new stash, have you?
Exactly why it's not in this report. (I'm seriously considering just replying via emojis - you would get an eye roll for this one.)
You get an eye roll emoji for not remembering all the plant names - just look them up in a plant dictionary.
*pouty face emoji*
*proud face emoji*
I can't believe how long it took for you to understand, and then write in, low socioeconomic
*urk face emoji*
If the collector didn't trust others, why on Turien's good soil did he trust you?
*sea emoji* *fist emoji* *flower emoji* *proud face emoji*
Valued member of society? It tried to eat me!
*nom nom nom emoji*

Supervisor Feedback

Taegrin does have a point - you need to have clarity with your words, in order to help the reader understand what you are trying to say.
I would have expected you to take some recording tools for a plant observation / discovery listing. This would have included a thermometer so you could add the exact temperatures you found.
It is unnecessary to have both the Discovery of the Carnivorous Plant and Glocarnii Veroux II headers, as there is only one sentence between them that doesn't need to be separated as such. Better to choose one and keep it all under the one header, unless you had other plants of discovery and made them the same header level as Glocarnii Veroux II .
If you are sending your notes as well, please either do not use emoji's, or explain what you mean by them.
Taegrin has many complaints about your laughter at him being paralysed. Although he should have not gotten so close without precaution, you are still to watch out for him and take him out of harms way if something like this happens. You will both be seeing me tomorrow for a Health & Safety session.
*salute emoji* I am saying 'Yess, Miss' and agreeing to do as you say with the explaining of the emoji'.

  Council Notes
Find someone who can work with The Collector in regulating the compost tunnel, cataloguing and properly disposing of dangerous materials - try a Mermaid,  possibly the probationary KLO Hero. 

Cover image: by TaraFaeBelle


Author's Notes

The images of Mimi, Taegrin and the Supervisor's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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