Mount Ōe

The legendary mountain of the Oni, atop which Shuten-dōji rules with absolute power and authority. Mount Ōe, or Ōeyama, is a desolate, dusty peak during the day. Oni of all colors and sizes climb its rugged cliffs, throw boulders, spar with each other, or engage in other roughhousing without heed to any visible order or structure. Though the mountain's walls are dotted with caves and caverns, there is little other evidence that so many sentient beings call this place home.   At night, however, the entirety of Mount Ōe undergoes a startling transformation. An uncountable myriad of otherworldly buildings materialize after the sun sets, lights and laughter coming from within. The scents of delicious food and powerful liquor are carried on the wind, and all the Oni who trained during the day spend the night making merry and partying in the impossible city which covers the mountain from base to peak. This "Eternal Feast" is the ultimate ideal for the Oni, and it's said that they make so much noise that they can be heard for miles around the mountain.   Of course, not all Oni live upon Mount Ōe. Some have descended and now seek to secure for themselves positions in the Empire of Japan's changing political environment. Though it is not forbidden, those who leave the mountain are considered odd by the majority of Oni. After all, why would anyone give up the chance to feast and drink every night without worry?
Alternative Name(s)
Ōeyama, 大枝山
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Tamba Province
Owning Organization
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