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We have tried to cut down the trees, but they regrow over night. We have tried to attack the monsters, but we always lose the fight. It drives you insane. It feeds off your pain. Trollskóg is a God amongst humans. Nobody stands against it's might.
— Eiki Viðfárer
    Trollskóg is a mystical and dangerous world. Not much is known about Trollskóg other than it is an endless forest which twists the fabric of reality. Everyone that travels to Trollskóg gets scarred for life if they ever return.   Trollskóg is the only world which is connected to all worlds.   Trollskóg consists mostly of dense forests. This dark and gloomy forest changes and deceives people, and you will eventually get lost. There is no use in using logic to predict anything here. All plantlife is magical here. There have been attempts to replant them in other worlds, but it can't be done unless you also use magic. The plantlife in Trollskóg occasionally spreads to the five worlds naturally, where Elverin is a great example of this. Elverin's landmass is mostly connected to Trollskóg, which to it's demise, makes Trollskóg easier to spread into the world.  


Trollskóg is the source of all the monsters in The Five Worlds. Occasionally, monsters escape from this world into another, where they then settle down in. It is widely believed that these monsters are evil, and must be purged from all land. There has also been several attempts to conquer Trollskóg, but to no avail.   Áldáborg was one of these attempts. It is a fortress on the northern edge of Trollskóg (or what was considered north before entering Trollskóg). Initially, a thousand soldiers were deployed, expecting a forceful attack from the forest. This never happened. There were occasion encounters with monsters, and a few incidences of people going mad, but nothing compared to elsewhere in the world. After a year of building however, the soldiers vanished without a trace. The fortress now stands as ruined relic, if you manage to find it.
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