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Yilebókk (The Goat of Yilir)

The yilebókk is a mythical creature that occurs in folktales. None have seen him, and the tales are often told to children, probably to scare them into obedience.   The yilebókk is a large two legged creature, which resemble the mic between a human and a goat. The head is that of a goat, while the rest of the upper body is that of a human. The legs are hind legs with hooves.   Descriptions of him says he wears common clothes: A wool sweater, knickers and a black cloak. He is seen carrying a lantern in one hand and a knapsack on his back. Nobody knows exactly what is in the knapsack, but tales speak of burnt body parts of heathens.   It is a tradition in some valleys in Yáðin to dress up as the yilebókk at yilblót, the 14th of Yilirmoni.


Tales also speak og bókkemint, which are cursed coins that are in circulation. Legends say that those that bear a bókkemint will never die. All wounds heal, even list limbs will grow back. And everytime you are mortally wounded, the injury will heal and leave a tattoo.   The curse if these coins is that you can never get rid of them. They will always come back to you no matter how hard you try. The only way to remove it is if someone takes it from you.   The second part of the curse is that the yilebókk is summoned every time you kill someone, and he takes the body in his knapsack and leaves. He will also take your corpse when you die after you've given the coin away.   We've encountered three people who claim they have bókkemints, and they do look sinister. But they also show severe signs of Troll fever .

From Creatures of Trollskóg, volume I

By Lidvar Brodvarson and Irv Irváson
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