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Elverin is one of The Five Worlds and is known as "The Scorched Earth". This is because Elverin is the world with the strongest connection to Trollskóg and therefore has considerably more Monsters than the other worlds.  


Elverin is known as the birthplace of Witchcraft. Some therefore believe that the open use of witchcraft led to the downfall of Elverin.   Inhabitants of Elverin on the otherhand, saw the downfall of Elverin as inevitable, and therefore witchcraft as a form of adaptation. The magic of Trollskóg is powerful and chaotic, and witchcraft is a way utilize that power to benefit humans, rather than spending valuable resources to resist it.   The authority of the Ordin Empire work towards cleansing any of their territory for any spread of Trollskóg, and view witchcraft as a catalyst for the spread. They are therefore openly hostile towards the inhabitants of Elverin, regardless of their connection to witchcraft or Trollskóg.   Vestigor and Indáfors are two fortresses on Ordin soil which are considered the frontier against the spread from Elverin. Twice a year (occasionally three times) the world of Ordin and Elverin cross at these two fortresses, but no invasion has occurred from Elverin since the fortresses were built.   The people of Elverin on the other hand, do not have any open hostility against people of Ordin, other than in forms of self preservation. There are no defenses against Ordin either, since it's generally believed that the Ordin Empire will never invade. There are still ruined fortresses by the Ordin Empire from the downfall of Elverin, but these have been repurposed.
Dimensional plane

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