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Wind Guides

One of the wonders created during the years of the race’s alliance were the wind guides.  Based on techniques developed by the elven spell weavers a combined group of Druids and mages developed rituals that could affect the weather across an entire continent.  These changes to the weather could have significant consequences to the weather in other parts of the world so they needed to be carefully controlled.  Rather than rely on casting rituals, it was determined that enchanting control devices would be safer and easier to manage.  The devices took decades to construct and enchant with each one being capable of displaying numerous factors influencing the weather and communicating with the other devices in addition to controlling the weather.  When the devices were complete, a council of Druids and clerics met to agree on some guiding principles for their use.  They decided that the key word was moderation.  Wind, rain, and storms needed to happen, but not the extremes.  Droughts and floods could be reduced.  Winters could be less harsh, and hurricanes could be prevented.  There was no fanfare when the devices first started to be used.  The initial changes were barely even noticeable, but within 5 years the more predictable weather began to be thought of as the way it has always been.  Because of how dangerous the devices could be they had been built in remote locations, and hidden from magical detection.
  During the War of Ascension the devices were locked down so that neither side could use them to harm the other.  They went undiscovered during the age of the empire, but one was found in the mountains norh of the Kingdom of Caresnas and used by the forces of Andaxius to create an extended winter.
Item type
9 of these devices were made in the first age, with each one situated in different parts of the world.
Width 6ft. Height 3ft
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Cover image: The party's camp by Tanai Cuinsear


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