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Tainarans is the name for an ancient civilisation that was one of the earliest beacons of human society and disappeared some 6000 years ago. The name is derived from the main diety they worshipped and was coined by a team of archaeologist that uncovered the tomb of the Obsidian Prince. What we know now are a fragments of this glorious empire, but even those fragments have inspired one of the biggest cultural movements in our modern history. Their art, sculptures, architecture, poetry and names serve as a pool of inspiration for many people out there that wish to be compared to the lost greatness of Tainarans.   The main thing that people know about them is their very complicated religion. Tainarans had a long intertwined pantheon of major and minor dieties that they worshipped all over their lands. Many lavish temples and shrines were uncovered ever since of the first discovery. Gods guided their every move and were present at every stage of the human life. They were also heavily associated with magic and ingredients with supernatural properties. Religious imagery was incorporated into people's names, into every single building and grave, into the fabric of the clothing and into the amulets and objects of national importance but also daily use. Their usage was guided by sacred principles, some of which were deciphered from temple scrolls that managed to withstand the test of time.   The power was held by a few rich family clans that presided over the cities or certain trades. They were not seen as nobility in the current sense, more as bloodlines that were currently favoured by a certain god that granted them talent for particular trade or kind of magic. Favour was manifested through an abundance of resources or money. Rich people were seen as chosen and those who could hold onto their richness as favoured by heavens. Therefore they were also expected to fund public project such as the many shrines and temples that we were able to uncover thousands of years later.   There are some rumours among the academics, that Tainarans might have not been humans after all but a race that lived alongside our early ancestors - which would mean the main city was their last hurrah before they ultimately disappeared without a trace. Some even speculate that humans might have been enslaved by them and seen as lesser beings because they could not handle magic the way they did. All these are still considered being rumours based on a couple of weird sculptures that might have been manipulated to serve a message rather than to be genuine.

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    Great Search
    Population Migration / Travel

    Tainarans move into the location of their new capital settlement after a long march for search of ingredients that might save them from a global plague. This is a prominent theme of their settlement myth and main public holiday they celebrated.

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    Triumphant Raelum Prophecy
    Religious event

    Raelum dynasty was among the most powerful of families that influenced the course of the nation. This prophecy signified their rise to power and can be seen repeated on many walls of the tombs of their members.


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Sep 28, 2022 03:18 by Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia

I like the art on this and was curious what the religious symbology was that was incorporated into it? It would also be interesting to know what they looked like and what was the underlying themes of the religion given it was so important and influential!

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