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Geranium is the home of The CKGs and is divided into Northern and Southern Geranium, with each half of the planet ruled by a different leader. Northern Geranium is allied with the CKGs, while Southern Geranium is ruled by a mysterious mage known as Isla.
"Welcome to Geranium," Sympathetical said, gaze flickering over their group. "I suppose you're here to talk about the Visorans?"


Geranium is a small planet located in the inner regions of the Janya Galaxy. As a multi-biome planet, Geranium has various terrains, such as mountains, forests, and plains. It has no oceans or large bodies of water, but instead has a high concentration of groundwater that can be tapped into for wells. Rivers trace the surface of the planet and often cascade into deep caverns that join up with groundwater beds. On the surface of Geranium, plains and forests alternate before seamlessly blending into the foothills of mountains in both the north and the south. The very first towns of Geranium were located in these hills, while larger cities were built in more open areas.  
As the boy continues his journey, the snow lessens its intensity, leaving him wondering about the purpose of the incorporeal guard.   Perhaps Isla is more welcoming than he was told. Or perhaps she recognizes who he is.
— Snow Journey
South Geranium is considerably colder than North Geranium, partially due to the ice mage in control of the south. The north has more cities, spaceports, and roads while the south is isolated and rustic. North Geranium is also the home of the CKGs, a military exploration group composed primarily of kids and teenagers. The CKGs’ home base and training centers are located a fair distance from North Geranium’s capital. There is only one major city in South Geranium, but its exact location is unknown.
  There are many towns scattered across North Geranium. The division between North and South is not in the center of the planet, giving the North about twice as much land as the South. Towns in North Geranium often press up against the border and a few roads lead across, although few will take them for fear of the Southerners and their ruler. The closest settlement to the CKGs' base is actually a small town, not the capital city.


Geranium was discovered around 1020 BPC by explorers from Laval and Zenricho. The planet was officially settled in 1005 and the first towns were slowly built in the northern foothills. Around 960 BPC, a group of settlers from Isdalnae landed in the south and built their own city in the mountains. The southerners spread their towns around the mountains but remained separate from the northern settlers. Over the years, several attempts were made by both the North and the South to unite the two groups as simply residents of Geranium, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Eventually, an agreement was reached, a border was decided on, and North and South Geranium were separated.  
In the north, cities grew rapidly and roads were built to connect them with smaller towns. The North kept contact with the rest of the galaxy, but remained alone until the IPA was founded. North Geranium joined them in 91 BPC and proceeded to slowly build a support group among other members of the IPA. The towns scattered across North Geranium began to link together as the people grew more confident in their government and their place in the galaxy. Following the Polaris Collapse, several towns were abandoned as citizens left to live on new IPA worlds, and North Geranium slowly began to form its own culture and infrastructure.
by Lilliana Casper
  In the south, towns that were already built stayed that way, with very little modification. The inhabitants of these towns, most of whom were settlers from Isdalnae and other tribal planets, hunted most of their food and built small farms to supplement their diets. The biggest town, hidden deep in the southern mountains, grew into the only city in South Geranium and housed the royal family. Somewhere around 800 BPC, nearly the entire royal family was killed, leaving only Princess Isla, who had powerful magic. Isla disappeared for a time but soon took up the title of queen, ruling from a location even more secret than the capital city and using her ice magic to keep the South safe.  
by Lilliana Casper
During the past several hundred years, North and South Geranium have remained completely separate. The North's infrastructure solidified while the South's towns grew farther apart, connected by long roads. A summer camp for children and teenagers in the North slowly evolved into a military force and became North Geranium's army. A few years ago, this army, the CKGs, began fighting the Visoran Army. As of now, the CKGs are firmly embroiled in their war with the Visorans and South Geranium has no contact with the outside world.
by Lilliana Casper
Alternative Name(s)
CKG Geranium/Northern Geranium; Isla's Geranium/Southern Geranium


Geranium has a temperate climate and regular weather cycles. Seasons are easily identified and split almost perfectly following the Galactic Standard Calendar. Rainfall is regular but not constant and sunny days are common. Summer temperatures reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the North and 80 in the South, while winter drops to 10 in the North and under 0 in the South.


Geranium is a very popular place to visit. Ships travel to and from North Geranium every day for a variety of reasons, including work, vacations, holidays, education, and shopping. Many of Geranium's towns enthusiastically decorate for winter holidays and most have downtown streets lined with family-owned businesses. Visitors will often stay in the cities where there are lodgings and travel to the towns they wish to visit. Those visiting for work will do similar, traveling to the towns they are needed and sleeping in the cities.

Celestials of the South

For many years, there have been legends of a pack of wolves in the forests of Southern Geranium. These legends claim that the pack is led by the Celestial of wolves, Conri. While no one has confirmed whether or not the Celestial of wolves lives there, a pack of wolves does indeed reside in the forest and many stories have been told about them.   The most well-known of these myths tells of how Conri met his wife, an Eternal named Tala, but another tells of how he helped Isla take control of South Geranium. According to the legend, Isla was born with incredibly powerful ice magic. Because she could not control it, her family forbade her from leaving the palace. During a ceremony, Isla lost control and killed her family. Horrified, the young woman fled into the mountains and isolated herself with magic.   In his forest, Conri felt Isla's magic. He tracked her to where she was staying and taught her to use her magic. With her new understanding, Isla returned to the city and allowed the people to make her queen. She insisted on ruling from the mountains rather than the city and took control of the South. In the years after, Isla realized that she had become a Celestial as well and became good friends with Conri.
I have news for you, my old friend. I believe I have found your son.
— a message from Isla to Conri

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Author's Notes

I'm really happy with how this came out, actually. I might make some changes later, but I'm glad I was able to write down the most important things about this planet that features quite often in the Tread of Darkness.

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