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The Interplanetary Peace Alliance

The Interplanetary Peace Alliance (IPA) is the biggest planetary allegiance in the Janya Galaxy. It currently includes over three hundred individual planets.


Headed by an elected president, the IPA is led collectively by all the rulers of its member planets. Each planet has a senator for the IPA. The senators meet every week, either in person or virtually. Sometimes the rulers of planets will come to petition for or represent their world. Decisions are made by majority votes and ties are debated and broken by the president and their entourage.


In 92 BPC, a group of ten planets, including Zenricho, decided to make an alliance. They named themselves the IPA and pledged to unite as many planets as possible under their banner, which they wanted to symbolize peace and integrity. Shortly after the IPA was founded, the planet of Jaque joined them.   By the time of the Polaris Collapse, the IPA had grown to have almost twenty planets, including Volkare and Dirsto. In the wake of Polaris' destruction, the IPA swept in to assist many of the affected planets in getting back to strength. As a result, most of the planets which had previously been ruled by or allied with Polaris joined the IPA. Bolstered by their success, the IPA members created a new galactic calendar and built an impressive senate building on Zenricho for their leaders to convene at.   In the year 22 APC, the IPA met its first real dilemma, a decision that would change or solidify the way everyone in the galaxy saw it. All the leaders of the alliance, both the senators and the planet rulers, were called to Zenricho for what became the most important decision of the IPA. After three days of debates and votes, all of which were kept secret, the IPA announced on July 12 that it had declared slavery in all forms to be illegal.  
Free Day is celebrated as a holiday on July 12th, especially on planets in the IPA. It marks the date when the IPA Senate declared that all planets looking to join them must first abolish slavery in all forms. The decree also forced planets already in the IPA to end slavery or risk expulsion.
— An article on Free Day
The decision was met with mixed opinions. For some, this was proof that the IPA was soft-hearted and unfit to rule the galaxy and was the end of their easy lifestyles and casual domination of others. But for the majority of the IPA, it meant equality and unity. It meant safety and happiness for everyone who was oppressed. After the decision to outlaw slavery, several more planets began to consider joining the IPA, more than compensating for the planets that left the alliance.
Over the years, as the IPA grew stronger, fewer and fewer planets chose to stay out of the union. Wars between planets were massively decreased and those that did occur were easily solved. Hunger issues as well as extreme poverty were worked out over decades and technology became faster and more reliable. The IPA financed missions to populate moons and small planets, growing their resource production.   However, as time passed, the IPA began to fall away from its original ideals and slid into corruption. Wars broke out more frequently and politicians took bribes more often. After the farming planet of Haspanic joined the IPA in 319 APC, nearly all of its individuality disappeared as Zenricho’s curriculums and laws replaced the ones that had existed for hundreds of years. Maynrel, a planet that had benefited greatly from abolishing slavery, became filled with corruption and forced labor.   There are still many good people in the IPA, those who fight against the terrible change and advocate for justice. Yet only time will tell if the IPA will return to its strong moral roots, or if greed and prejudice will triumph over the glory of the past.
City buildings by Lilliana Casper

Founding Date
92 BPC
Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
A set currency made of copper, silver, gold, and platinum coins.
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Controlled Territories

A draft of the IPA crest by Lilliana Casper


As IPA politicians begin to stray from their ideals, becoming concerned only with money and power, planets outside of the alliance wonder why anyone would support or defend them. Although so many of the IPA's members have been corrupted, several groups affiliated with it still hold to the values that started the powerful alliance. TT Law Firm, an organization dedicated to justice and defending the innocent, is one of these groups. With time, TT Law and its allies hope to restore order to a galaxy that slips farther into ruin every day.

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Cover image: IPA crest by Lilliana Casper


Author's Notes

As is probably obvious, this was inspired and based on the Galactic Republic from Star Wars. However, since I have almost no knowledge of its actual workings, I created all the IPA details on my own. Apologies for the slightly shaky crest, I am barely mediocre at drawing.

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