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Zenricho is one of the most populated planets in the Janya Galaxy and the main location/meeting place for the IPA.


Zenricho has a flat surface covered in buildings that are hundreds to thousands of feet tall. Almost no open or natural spaces remain on this large planet. The only plants are in personal gardens and open areas are preserved for sports training and events.   The depths of Zenricho's layers have been stripped for materials, creating enormous cave systems beneath the surface. Some of these tunnels have been turned into passages for underground transport. Workers use these transport systems as travel routes for their jobs.


Originally a paradise-class world, Zenricho’s climate and geography were destroyed by settlers and their biological changes. The temperature of this planet was once warm and seasonal, but now the entire planet is cold and dry. Temperatures generally do not rise above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Zenricho has three seasons of varying humidity, none of them rising in warmth.

Fauna & Flora

The only plants native to Zenricho that remain there now are a specific type of tree only kept in zoos and private gardens. All the native animals are either extinct or in zoos for educational purposes. The planet-wide city has destroyed anything natural, leaving only rock, metal, and glass behind.


Zenricho was discovered around 3500 BPC before the planet classifications were fully understood. The people who settled on it took advantage of the plentiful resources and mined the planet into ruin. Using the metals that were found, the settlers began to build skyscrapers and other enormous buildings. A large city was started and as Zenricho made alliances with other planets, the city grew to cover over half of the world.  
We will join Zenricho in their alliance, the IPA. We will pledge support and supplies when needed and in return will be protected by their soldiers.
— Speech to Haspanic citizens
In 92 BPC, Zenricho and nine other planets decided to make an alliance dedicated to preserving peace and uniting all the planets of the galaxy. In the wake of the Polaris Collapse, the organization, The Interplanetary Peace Alliance, took control of even more planets. Thanks to the success of the IPA, Zenricho became the most important planet in the galaxy.
  Over the years, Zenricho rebuilt and reorganized its buildings and streets. In order to make space for the number of people moving to the planet, the city expanded until it covered the entire planet. The most important buildings are kept in good repair, with apartment complexes being added to every few decades and the senate building redecorated often as politicians come and go.


As the most important planet in the Janya Galaxy, Zenricho is visited by thousands of people every month. Most of these visitors are there for business, but about forty percent are tourists visiting for fun. Along with over 9 billion people who live there, it is estimated that almost a million people who live off-world visit Zenricho every year, with approximately 600,00 going for work and 400,000 visiting for other purposes.
Included Organizations
Owning Organization
City buildings by Lilliana Casper

The Senate Building

Located in an easily accessed area directly in the center of a ring of spaceports, the IPA Senate Building is the most important structure on the planet. It is here that the senators and rulers of the IPA member planets meet every week to discuss issues.   The building itself is enormous, able to house over 5 thousand people at any given time. The largest room is the senate chamber, a giant auditorium where the senators meet. The senate chamber is also the highest room, located at the top of a slender tower. Aside from the senate chamber, the building also houses offices for important senators, the IPA president, and other meeting rooms for less important gatherings.   The building was built in 25 APC, shortly after the IPA's anti-slavery decree. With the number of new planets joining the alliance, a larger meeting place was required. The building is constructed from high-quality titanium and tungsten, mined from Maynrel and Zenricho. Windows are formed from Averiyan glass and strengthened with a security system that prevents the glass from being broken. The entrance of the building is composed of pure granite and was carved by hand.

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Cover image: by Lilliana Casper


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