Tismorster Mire

Yes, I know Tismorst is not far from Troumwarft and maybe they might have some good cattle to sell there. I still won't go there - I'd have to cross the Tismorster Mire on my way! Wotan help me, I am not insane enough for that!
The Tismorster Mire is the region around the small settlement of Tismorst. As both the name of the Region and of the settlement suggest ("morst" here being a word for a Morass or Wetland), the area is regularly flooded and very treacherous to pass through.
As with many other mires in the Chaukenlande, several wooden pathways have been constructed to aid a traveler through this region. However, the inhabitants of Tismorst have constructed many deceptive additional paths, that lead the careless wanderer into dangerous areas. The Tismorster willingly accept the potential death of visitors and will loot them after the fact.
These dangerous regions served as an excellent defense against any raiding party or group of warriors seeking revenge for their plundered brethren. They were just added to the pile of loot a short time later. It is said, that the Tismorster even have a small collection of Isanmannen weapons, after a scouting party fell victim of these natural barriers.
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