Jarste the Cursed

Jerste Nansta Jarsan

My bride is still beautiful and dear to me, do not get me wrong. She was already beautiful long before Wotan's Call. But I cannot stand being with her any longer. Every day I fear her telling me the day of our last daughter's death.


Jarste the Cursed is so far the only Disen that has been banished to ever enter the center of Troumwarft again. She is a naturally gifted Seherin and posesses the ability to see the close future without fail. As a result of this, she is welcomed and slightly revered in the regions of the Ampsivaren, Langobarden and Friesen - even some people of the Isanmannen Empire have called upon her unfailing visions.


Her Visions are without a fail and will either tell of some good fortune or guide the listener towards success in the near future. It is believed that she herself will channel the will of the fates and give the listener a good fortune for an unknown price. Add to this the fact of her enhanced beauty by becoming a Disen in the events of Wotan's Call and the fascination for her in the lands far and wide is great.


She is not able to see her own future. Everybody who is in some way related to her can cause her to suddenly see the future of that person - and it will usually involve an accident, illness or death. She correctly predicted the deaths of her three eldest sons and two other townfolk and was subsequently exiled from Troumwarft.


Mournfully, she looked out of a small opening in her tiny hut. The walls were damp and the fire was more annoying smoke than something to provide warmth against her aura of cold, but she did not care. From here it was not far to Troumwarft. To her home. She longed for a day where she can hold her little daughter Sella in her arms again. She had to tell her something important.

Current Location
Biological Sex
Fully dark brown with an amber ring
Long, auburn hair with a golden shimmer
1.65 m
55 kg


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