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Ishraq (Ish:R-AR-K)

Honoured Ishraq (a.k.a. The Healer of Antiquity)

While not much is known about Ishraq on a personal level, her medical skill is another matter. Any healer who wants respect in Kandar travels to study under her, and she sometimes even gets apprentices from further afield, primarily Antarak.   While Ishraq is known to be very old, owing to her vampiric heritage, and is suspected by many to have been around pre-Sunderings, she doesn't share her age with anyone. She is believed to be referred to in many ancient songs and oral histories, and in a couple is even referenced by name, supporting this theory. A good portion of her medicinal skill is attributed to her long lifespan and ancient knowledge, but some can also be attributed to her being a dhampir. Her more enhanced sense can notice ailments easier and earlier, and she can use her hypnosis to calm hysterical patients and put people to sleep that need relief from pain or to be unconscious for surgery.   Ishraq doesn't stay in one place for too long unless she is currently teaching an apprentice, and even then she stays somewhat transitory. However, if seeking her out it's not a matter of you finding her - get too close to the outskirts of the Ghostlands, and she'll find you.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ishraq speaks little of her past and equally as little of the past of the world, preferring her gentle isolation on the borders between the land of undead and the land inhabited by the living, and the occasional visit from those wishing to learn. However, some things are still known.   She was raised by both of her parents who seemed to have a good relationship, and learnt the art of medicine both in Mad'raayit and the city that was once the Ghostlands, including a lot of medical knowledge that was lost amongst the widespread destruction of the First Sundering.   Her parents died sometime during or near before the events of the First Sundering, and she waited it out in one of the border mountains until it was safe to emerge again. After that, she took to prowling around the edge of what would become known as the Ghostlands as the slaughtered masses within began to rise again.   Many of those that know of her consider it likely that she is one of the primary reasons that Kandar exists as it is today, her medical knowledge and skill contributing to keeping the population of Kandar Wanderers high and stable enough for them to weather the adjustment to the new and numerous dangers of the wastelands their land had become.


Ishraq has only been known to shown interest in women, and only engages in brief flirtations and casual relationships instead of trying to build something more permanent and serious. This may be due to the fact that most people she meets are the very ill and their loved ones, or would-be apprentices and their escorts, or due to the likely lifetime discrepancy. However, it may just be how she naturally is.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

While not anywhere near as much of a problem for her as for a full-blooded vampire, Ishraq still has a requirement and thirst for blood. It is somewhat common practice for those who apprentice under her to offer their blood, doubly so for her lovers, but she otherwise survives on animal blood.   Speaking of lovers, Ishraq is particularly flirtatious, and once she's taken a fancy to someone can be quite annoying, though never manages to push enough to cause distress.   Also, her constant isolation means that language often marches on without her. She can speak Formal Kandar fine, and get by well enough in Antaraki, but Common all but escapes her in the modern day.


Contacts & Relations

A number of people in Anvulmar have spent time with Ishraq, including Mother Uluran who apprenticed with her when she was young, and Azra Drakeheart who escorted an apprentience there when she was still a new Wanderer and spent some time there until the apprentice was comfortable and decided they wanted to stay.

Family Ties

Little is known of Ishraq's parents, including which was a vampire and which was human, but has confirmed before that both are dead. Considering her current solitary nature and lack of mention, it's assumed that she has and never had any siblings.

Social Aptitude

Ishraq has little interest in socialising with people outside of those needing medical attention or seeking medical knowledge. Scholars have met with her to ask for information of the past, or for her to venture into the Ghostlands to retrieve things for them, and she either ignores them or drags them back away from the Ghostlands. She has no interest in the past and only focuses on the present.

Hobbies & Pets

Ishraq also practices leatherworking to keep her in items and clothes, since she outlives a lot of them and kills a lot of animals for their blood anywat. She doesn't exactly keep pets, but sometimes a ghoul will be weirdly passive and interested in her and she lets them follow her around.
Current Location
Current Residence
Outskirts of the Ghostlands
Long, thick, black
Known Languages
Kandaric, Antaraki

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