The New Age

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More than 2000 years since the last of the powerful dragons were sighted. The People of Troika used this power vacuum to rise in to new heights. Humans created many kingdoms. The Elven were slung in to a bloody civil war. The mighty Ka-Tah were pushed into the great desolation in the north where they live in agony and constant struggle.   The Demons made contracts with the all-powerful Mages in their enclave, to gain access to Torika and help the mages to gain even more power. The mages with help off demons fortify their position as the strongest force on Torika even more and sell their power to people that pay them well. In addition, do they recruit every latent mage they can find and kill the ones who won't join them.   The Black Knight searches for knowledge and is nearly unstoppable in his path. He, even if he is one of the most powerful beings, tries to trade and ask for knowledge instead of forcing it out of persons.   The empire struggles with border conflicts and hold all their neighbour at bay. The empress doesn’t bare a hire for the throne and the other high nobles are only waiting on a sign of weakness to gain control over the throne.

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